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The Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility


The wesrf provides research, testing, and consulting services related to machines and drives, power electronics, hybrid electric vehicles, power systems, and renewables including Wave Energy Extraction (see below for details).

If you are interested in supporting our research you can make a tax deductible gift to the Oregon State University Foundation for the Wave Energy Research Fund

You can also contribute online to the Alan K. Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility
Annette von Jouanne and Ted Brekken  
creating energy from waves

OSU's multidisciplinary research team is pursuing wave energy developments in three thrust areas:

1) novel direct-drive wave energy generators,

2) formation of a National Wave Energy Research and Demonstration Center in Oregon, and

3) working closely with the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) and a variety of stakeholders to promote Oregon as the optimal location for the nation's first commercial wave parks.

Great News, the MSRF was renamed the:

Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility (WESRF)

The official renaming took place at the international Ocean Renewable Energy Conference held at OSU on August 10th, 2007.

“We are very pleased to be able to honor the memory of Prof. Alan Wallace through this rededication of OSU’s Energy Systems lab.  In this way, we’ll be able to continue to recognize Alan’s strong contributions to the field of Energy Systems and Renewables, and to advancing Wave Energy technologies.  He was an excellent colleague, friend and professor, and a true Wave Energy Pioneer!”.  –Prof. Annette von Jouanne


Since 1998, OSU has been developing a leading Wave Energy program to educate students who are motivated to responsibly develop our nation's renewable energy resources.

OSU's efforts have included; building strong support at the local, state and federal levels, in addition to building essential collaborations with industries, utilities, public organizations, and the ocean community.

Understanding the processes requires advanced modeling techniques which are also being developed through this work including advanced fluid structure interaction modeling in both 2D and 3D.

Conceptual Wave Park
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Source: Nicolle Rager Fuller, NSF

Ocean Wave Energy Posters
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Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 1148 Kelley Engineering Center
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331-5501
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