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L i m p e t

Limpet (Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer) is a shoreline energy converter sited on the island of Islay, off Scotland’s west coast.

The current Limpet device – Limpet 500 – was installed in 2000 and produces power for the national grid.

Limpet uses the principle of an oscillating water column. The following diagrams show how this works:


Limpet is a shoreline unit and ideally placed to generate electricity in areas exposed to strong wave energy.

We are currently developing the technology used in Limpet to build a series of commercial power generators. We are also investing in further uses, including housing a series of units in breakwaters.

We also use Limpet a developmental facility, to demonstrate new systems and improve its output. A current project includes installing a new variable pitch turbine, which will increase Limpet’s power performance.


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