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WaveBlanket is a new device for converting Ocean Waves into useful energy.

It is said that 5% of the earth's wave energy could provide 100% of the energy used by people; However, the cost of moving electricity limits the use of wave farms to locations 3 to 6 miles off the coast where it can benefit the half of the world's population which lives within 50 miles of an ocean.

The recent Kyoto treaty commits its signatories to a progressive schedule of reliance on renewable energy - now is the best of times for clean energy. While wind and solar energy have been exploited by humans since the beginning of history, wave energy has proved more often an enemy than a friend, and for a good reason since there is real potential in the waves to supplant our global dependence on fossil fuels.

WaveBlanket could be called the "accordion of the sea." Poetically speaking, It is simply a bellows played upon by the swells of the ocean.

But aside from its musical heritage, the WaveBlanket has something in common with nature. It is a soft and squishy mechanism inspired as much by a human heart and a jellyfish as it is by the nuts and bolts of Homer Simpson's world.

WaveBlanket is the result of research conducted by its inventor, Benjamin Gatti, into the application of thin-film compliant mechanisms to the field of renewable energy.

Mechanisms created from thin-film structures have advantages of 100% elasticity, high strength-to-weight ratios, ease of manufacture, storage, transport, and deployment, as well as being fundamentally compatible with many lifeforms.

Because of its unique construction, WaveBlanket will have many competitive advantages:

  1. Wave energy has low impact on ocean views and creatures.
  2. Most populated areas have access to moderate wave climate.
  3. WaveBlanket uses proven air turbine technology.
  4. WaveBlanket has three orders of magnitude higher energy-density (17kw/ton) than other renewable energy sources and is the only device which can be temporarily deployed from now-obsolete single-hull ships and existing wired oil platforms without the need for permanent installation permitting.
  5. WaveBlanket can be cost effective at 100% seasonal availability
  6. WaveBlanket can be financed with short-term instruments (5-10 yrs).
  7. WaveBlanket can react to changing wave heights dynamically and still deliver grid-synchronized power without expensive dc-ac inverters.
  8. WaveBlanket can be deployed within the real  constraints of capital, permitting, cabling, and grid-infrastructure to meet and exceed the Kyoto schedule using existing oceanic assets where available.

Interested parties may contact:

Benjamin Gatti Ben@WindWavesandSun.com






Artist Impression

WaveBlanket membrane combined with an Overtopping Reservoir and Tidal Current Fins



"I think that we should plan seriously for building wave power installations from Iceland right down to the Cape Wrath, and then right round to Cape St. Vincent, with the breaks for the ships to get through; and if you do that you can think about running three European countries."

Professor Stephen Salter before the UK House of Commons 2001



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