SmartGridCity Experience Mobile Exhibit

image segment of a photo from the exhibit

The SmartGridCity Experience mobile exhibit is an educational tool that clearly shows why we embarked on this groundbreaking project. It conveys the benefits a smart grid-enabled future will bring to each of us in our quest to better meet growing energy demands, address environmental challenges, maximize available resources and optimize the entire energy system.


  • Learn how electricity is created, transmitted and distributed and why the electricity grid we have relied on to bring us safe, reliable energy for the last 100 years is in need of modernization.
  • Explore what a “smart grid” is all about. We'll explain how “overlaying” intelligent sensors, two-way communications devices and other emerging technologies onto equipment enables the grid to better monitor, manage, and even balance itself to maximize efficiency and performance.
  • See a hands-on, scale-model “smart house” that will give visitors the chance to interact with a smart grid-enabled home of the future. It will show how many of the devices on display would operate in an actual home to reduce power consumption and manage energy costs.
  • Discover how a smart grid ushers in a new era of energy efficiency and conservation tools, while creating more choices for customers concerning how, when and what type of energy they use.
  • View a large-scale interactive, touch-screen “wall” that provides visitors with a clear understanding of how different energy choices can impact energy reliability and the environmental challenges facing all of us today.
  • Take a look at a road-tested plug-in hybrid electric vehicle equipped with vehicle-to-grid technology. (May not be available at all locations.)

Tour Calendar
February 2-5 San Diego, CA DistribuTECH
February 10 Denver, CO Energy Efficiency Expo (Hyatt DTC)

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