Solar Power Desalination
Desalinize Using Solar Power - The Basics

By Christopher Smith
January 7, 2008

ChesapeakeSolar.netDesalinize Using Solar Power - The BasicsSolar power is
considered to be a cost effective and flexible power source. No wonder it has
been used in several different ways, and one of which is in the desalination of
water. If our planet is filled with water, why would millions of people suffer
from water shortages? Well, maybe we are covered with water, but oceans consist
of salt water, and we simply cannot drink it.

The topic about converting saltwater into drinking and usable water has always
been controversial. The process, known as desalination, would be able to help
solve water problems in the world today, if it can be utilized on a large scale
but in a cost effective manner. There are different methods for desalination,
and reverse osmosis has been deemed the most popular. It is actually a
filtration process and is popular in countries that have desalination plants
like those found in the Caribbean or in the Mideast. Reverse osmosis has now
sparked interest in China and the United States and places where there are often
water shortages.

But since most plants are powered by fossil fuels, many people want a
desalination process wherein they can save some money and not be affected by
global warming. As a result, they have turned to solar power as an energy source
for desalinization plants. In this kind of desalination process, the power of
the sun is built into the system and heats the saltwater, which will then turn
into vapor. The vapor will then run through a condenser system that will turn it
back into liquid, saltless water.

The idea of desalinizing using solar power systems is to separate the water from
the salt through the use of natural systems one can find in the oceans. Solar
power desalination actually tries to copy the process wherein water evaporates
from the ocean to form clouds and then these clouds will turn into rain clouds
and release the salt free water. Because of rising energy costs and global
warming, to desalinize using solar power may prove to be very beneficial. With
proper research and study, we may all be free from water problems in the future.

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