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Solar energy systems make great sense today.

The sun’s energy is inexhaustible and free. Solar energy is predictable and socially responsible. Solar energy systems produce no pollution and are the most economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool and your home hot water.

Solar pool heating. A solar heated pool can double and even triple your comfortable swim season. And with recent increases in the cost of propane and natural gas, a solar pool heater can now pay for itself with savings after just one to two heating seasons. American Solar is a Master Dealer for Ecosun solar pool heaters. The Ecosun solar pool heater is one of the most respected brands on the market, and appointment as a Master dealer is reserved only for a select number of solar contractors who have been extensively scrutinized by Aquatherm Industries, the Ecosun system’s manufacturer.

Solar water heating. With state and utility company solar rebates, plus the 30 percent federal income tax credit, a solar water heating system for your home hot water can produce a positive cash flow right away if you finance the system. For a typical three to four person household, a solar water heater can reduce your annual home electric costs by up to 35 percent. And unlike your electric hot water heater, which needs to be replaced every few years, a solar water heating system can deliver trouble-free hot water and energy cost savings for 20 years or more.

Commercial and residential. Solar systems can deliver substantial energy cost savings for both commercial and residential properties. The Alachua County Courthouse uses a solar water heating system. The Florida Air National Guard uses multi-site residential solar water heating systems. We know because American Solar installed these systems!

A reliable renewable energy partner. American Solar Energy has provided economical and reliable solar energy system installations throughout Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia since 1984. We have installed thousands of solar systems over the past two decades. We belong to the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. American Solar’s owner, Mark Krenn, is a state-certified solar contractor and the company is locally owned and operated. We are experienced in all aspects of solar energy systems sizing, design and installation, with a diverse product line that includes both solar water heating and solar pool heating systems.