Solar Panels - Fast & Easy "Do It Yourself" Kits

Come on...

         …Can you REALLY cut your Energy Bill by 95%?

I'm pretty skeptical by nature, so when my neighbor bought an online course on "How to Build Your Own Solar & Wind Power System", I had my doubts. But it turns out… yes, you can.

You can build a Solar & Wind Power System for your house and cut your home energy costs by 60% or even 95%. Now I save around $90 each month (68%) on our electric bill. The extra money each month is nice!

And the best part is how easy it is to produce your own energy. There are step-by-step guides that walk you through the process quickly.

Even for those who are ‘mechanically challenged’ (like me) getting your first solar or wind generator up and working is quick and easy. It can usually be done within a half a day (fun for the kids on the weekend), and total costs including materials, can be under $200! This would probably cost over $4,000 if I had called a company out of the phone book.

My neighbor and I went on to purchased 7 different online courses on "Do it Yourself" solar and wind energy systems. I wish I could say all of the courses were helpful and easy to follow.... they weren't! But there were 2 courses that stood out above the rest (by far).

I can tell you with complete confidence that there are no other courses available (as of December 2008) that are as good as the two listed below.
"Energy 4 Green"
  Rating   9.9/10
Ease of Setup
Cost to Setup
Energy Savings

--------"A simple Step-by-Step guide that works!"--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100% Refund Guarantee-8 Weeks No Questions Asked

"Energy 4 Green" is by far the easiest and most detailed guide available. After tearing apart 7 other courses, this one had the most precise step by step check lists and has real helpful pictures and images to follow. This guide also had the most helpful content with over 230 pages of solar and wind instructions (plus bonus pages). To my amazement we had assembled a fully functioning (and money saving) solar system in just half a day (a fun weekend project for the kids too). We picked up all the parts we needed at the local hardware store and the total bill only came to $187 (I recouped that cost in just the first month!). For someone who has a hard time changing the sparkplug in my lawnmower, following the instructions in the Energy 4 Green guide was amazingly simple and easy to do.

The cost of this complete course is normally $190 (the price I paid), but I've noticed over the last few days they have been offering a VERY LARGE DISCOUNT. It looks like they are going to remove the discount any day, so check out the website now to see if this discount is still available. At this discounted price, you really should try it out, you always have the money back guarantee if you're not happy.
"Home Made Energy"
  Rating   7.3/10
Ease of Setup
Cost to Setup
Energy Savings

"HomeMade Energy" is a good solar panel guide, but it is fairly basic. This guide was much better then the other 5 kits we purchased.... but it wasn't as detailed as we would have liked.

With only 59 pages of material, it was missing important steps from the building solar panel process. The cost of this guide is $47 and also has a money back guarantee.

Click Here to Get Access to "HomeMade Energy"

NOTE: (December 2008) - As mentioned before, my neighbor and I didn't just buy one single "Do It Yourself" guide. We purchased 7 of them. This was because the first 3 we got were complete junk! Out of the 7 we read, used and analyzed; only 2 of them were helpful. The 2 guides mentioned above are by far the best out there. Don't waste your time and money on anything else out there.
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