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Manufacturing site in the USA
The factory in Montana is to produce wind turbines for the whole of North America

Fuhrländer AG and governor Brian Schweitzer announced at a press conference that the construction of a production facility in the US state of Montana is to start as soon as this year. In the first phase 150 jobs are to be created in the former mining town of Butte. Governor Brian Schweitzer and Joachim Fuhrländer, head of the company, intend to bring training and qualification to the state.

Joachim Fuhrländer in discussion with the Governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer (r.).

“The establishment of this future-oriented energy generation technology with its opportunities for economic growth will bring progress to our state”, said Governor Schweitzer. “Wind conditions are optimal and the production of the multi-megawatt wind turbines from Germany offers great potential for giving people work and perspective.” Governor Schweitzer and Fuhrländer AG plan a total investment of 25 million US $ in the production of the FL 2500 machine housings. The innovative Fuhrländer system enjoys increasing international popularity resulting in several hundred machines already having been entered into the order books for the new factory at the Siegerland airport too. Fuhrländer intends to supply the entire North American market with wind turbines from the factory in Butte, Montana. “Our central location provides ideal preconditions for this enterprise”, added Governor Schweitzer. Montana was chosen from a number of possible locations because the political support and will to establish future-proof technology was clearly evident. “Montana gives us the best possible preconditions for the construction of wind parks in the States”, the governor remarked confidently. “A further 600 jobs could be created with the establishment of a rotor blade production facility”, said Joachim Fuhrländer, offering a further insight into the development opportunities.

With around 30,000 inhabitants, Montana’s 5th largest town provides the right environment for recruiting and qualifying employees. Since the closure of the gold and silver mines the region has been suffering from a shortage of job opportunities causing many qualified workers to migrate to other federal states. In addition to the large production facilities Fuhrländer also plans an education and training centre which will offer young people a career perspective in Montana. “Because what works in Germany with our 100 apprentices will also be viable internationally”, Fuhrländer is certain. The decision for Montana was also taken because of the very good traffic links with other federal states and Canada – a prerequisite for the optimum transport of the components weighing several tonnes.
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