Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Environmentally friendly, Mitsubishi Electric’s photovoltaic systems are used throughout the world to bring clean, reliable energy to residences, business, power-generation plants, schools, factories and areas without access to electricity, as well as other applications such highway and stadium lighting.

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Solar electricity

Solar power is a clean way to generate electricity that’s not only environmentally friendly, but economical, too. Mitsubishi Electric solar power products include photovoltaic modules that gather energy from the sun, and release it as electricity that can power your home or office. Through solar power technology, Mitsubishi Electric is promoting widespread usage of renewable sources of energy. Installing a solar power system in your residence or commercial facility is something you can do right now to save on energy costs while helping protect the planet.

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Use the Solar Calculator to help you determine the cost and benefits of installing a solar electric system on your home or business.

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