Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights, a simple yet efficient solution

Outdoor Solar Lights

Today's  outdoor solar lights are much more than the gadgets they used to be just few years ago. At the time they were available only in very limited shapes, were kind of bulky and it was not easy to find good quality products.
Solar products where rare and quite expensive. Today you can find them at almost any garden shop or supermarket.

Solar powered lights are available in numerous designs and endless applications are possible, for home users as well as professionals.

From simply enhancing the look of your garden at night, to lighting parkings, airports, runways, flag poles or streets the easy way, every scenario is possible.

Outdoor solar lights are definitely an interesting option; not only for saving purposes. Sure, you will save on your electricity bill, but you'll also contribute to a cleaner environment.

 Liberty Light

I accidentally met my first solar powered lights 20 years ago:

At the beginning I was just curious about alternative energy like solar power and wind power but it soon became a necessity:

I was living in a country where war was raging, no electricity and no fuel to run power generators. I was in desperate need for energy and the sun came to my rescue! I survived the war, my love for these little wonders is intact and I'm still amazed at how outdoor solar lights work, how easy they are to set up and maintain.

Solar energy technology has since matured. Low consumption ultra bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have replaced incandescent light bulbs, solar panels and batteries are much compact and more efficient. LED bulbs can last anything from 8 to 10 years and the rechargeable batteries will need replacement every 2 or 3 years.

Possible application for solar lighting

Fire Bullet Red Yards and gardens
Fire Bullet Red Swimming pools and ponds
Fire Bullet Red Security lighting
Fire Bullet Red Civilian and military runways
Fire Bullet Red Camping and RV
Fire Bullet Red Street Lighting and traffic signalization
Fire Bullet Red Cemeteries, memorials and monument lighting
Fire Bullet Red Bus shelters and parking lot lighting
Fire Bullet Red Advertising billboards

Benefits of solar powered lights

Fire Bullet Red Outdoor solar lights are affordable
Fire Bullet Red They are safe
Fire Bullet Red Solar energy is free
Fire Bullet Red Easy and quick installation
Fire Bullet Red No wires to pull
Fire Bullet Red No plugs to connect
Fire Bullet Red Minimum maintenance
Fire Bullet Red Virtually no cost to operate


Outdoor Solar Lights

How solar lights work is not rocket science... anymore!

Red Check During daylight the solar panel charges the batteries
Red Check At night, a photo cell switches on the light
Red Check At sunrise the light automatically switches off.

For good lighting performances, just have to make sure that the built-in or stand-alone solar panel is in the sunlight all day long. It is the only way for the battery to properly recharge in order to provide illumination all night long. 

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 Outdoor Solar Lights

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