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We are trade suppliers of the award winning Apricus evacuated solar tubes and Germany's No1 Schuco flat panels, developed for the UK.

" Our customers save between £1000 - £4000 on their solar panel installations "

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Latest solar panels and solar installations in the UK

The UK receives 60% solar energy of the equator
Solar panels work even on COLD CLOUDY WINTER days in the UK
*60 -70% of your energy and £10,000 approx house price increase
*Energy Saving Trust

Why people install solar? The golden age of cheap energy is over, the time for solar panels to reduce domestic energy dependence is here. With 75% of our energy needs coming from Russia because North Sea output is declining rapidly, thus relief from high energy bills, is why most people install solar panels.

With 43 years experience in solar. Solar4U only showcase the best performing and highest quality, solar grants approved solar panels and evacuated tubes without the nonsense:

Solar suppliers in  the  UK No hard sell salesmen
Solar Installers in England, Scotland and Wales No false discounts
Evacuated tubes and flat solar panels No quibble guarantee on quality

Solar panels are proven to be the most beneficial of all renewable's, requiring no planning permission to install.

What our customers say:

"Polite and prompt responses to queries, Fitted by curteous and experienced tradesmen. Very pleased with performance of product"
Mr Barney, Yorkshire

"Just a note to say how very impressed we were with the hard work and enthusiasm of your installer, this guy really cares. The system appears to be functioning well, indeed better than I expected for January"
Mr Huxtable, Bournemouth

"Equipment arrived on time,workmen good efficient, very happy"
Mr Roberts, Shropshire

"Excellent, there was a small delay in delivery but the firm contacted me to advise and offered an alternative"
Mr Whiteway, Isle of Man

"The quality of the goods is excellent"
Mr Bird, Nottingham

"The solar kit was good quality as promised and the installer nice and clean. A very helpful company"
Mr Smith, Swansea

"After receiving silly quotes of upto £9000 from other solar companies, I chose Solar4U and have been very impressed by their service and product for a fraction of the price."
Mr Rowley, Kettering

Energy Saving Evacuated Tubes Suppliers or Solar Tubes for the UK Climate'New' evacuated solar tubes

'Latest' solar panels for the UK climate
Solar energy technology has evolved...

NEW Apricus evacuated tubes - The latest and most efficient (by up to 40%) water heating solar panels (evacuated solar tubes), use solar radiation to heat your water, generally for washing, bathing, or swimming pools. Commonly known as solar collectors, solar thermal or thermal solar, these are a popular and affordable option for households across the UK. Very simply, 'direct' evacuated tubes solar panels use your existing hot water tank and keep an abundent supply of hot water during the daylight hours.

This technology, not only prolongs the life of your boiler, but means your family can do it's bit for the environment, safe in the knowledge that your solar hot water is 100% carbon free. This latest in solar thermal technology and the most efficient system on the market today...

DIY solar panel kits are also available >> Learn more about Hot Water Heating Solar Panels for the UK Environment

'Flat'solar panels

'Quality' flat solar panels for the UK climate

Schuco premium solar panels - The latest and most efficient hot water heating flat solar panels, use solar radiation to heat your water, generally for washing, bathing, or swimming pools. Also known as solar collectors, solar thermal or thermal solar, these are a popular option for households across the UK. Very simply, 'flat' solar panels heat-up a heat exchanger within your hot water cylinder to keep an abundent supply of hot water during the daylight hours.

If you have a solar compatible hot water tank, or your tank has a spare coil (twin-coil), then this is the solar technology for you. If you have a gravity-feed hot water cylinder/tank then a solar tube system will be more beneficial to you, however some people do prefer the aesthetics of flat panels, which can be mounted on your roof, or in your roof...

Solar trade & DIY solar panels suppliers >> Learn more about Flat Hot Water Solar Panels for the UK Environment

PV Solar Systems Suppliers UKPV solar panels

'On-grid' means selling your surplus energy
SELL your surplus power back to the National Grid...

Photovoltaic solar - The latest electric PV solar panels, also known as photovoltaic solar panels. This type of solar contributes towards your energy needs for your home. The average UK household consumes approx 4000 kWh per year. An on-grid connected PV solar panel system can produce from 1500 kWh - 4500 kWh per year, depending on the size system installed.

Although more expensive than solar thermal, PV solar is becoming a fashionable household accessory. It would be worth finding out your annual electricity consumption rate first, but pv solar running alongside basic energy conservation measures (such as low energy lightbulbs etc), can make a great way of reducing your households energy consumption and bills...

Solar installers of PV solar panels >>Learn more about Photovoltaic or PV Solar Panels for the UK Environment

Solar UK Company selling Solar Thermal and Solar Collectors for domestic homes in the UK
UK energy and solar panels news

  • Economic downturn must not hamper green energy plans

    Posted 5 days ago

    "A signal to invest in a low-carbon future with green energy technologies such as solar panels." [more]
  • 7% of power will come from solar panels sources by 2020

    Posted 7 days ago

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi, has decreed that 7% of power will come from solar panels sources by 2020. The Middle East nation holds around 8% of the world’s oil reserves and derives the vast bulk of its national income from fossil fuels, but while other OPEC oil cartel members [...] [more]
  • Concern for solar panels grants future

    Posted 8 days ago

    The decision by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to boost solar PV funding by £7 million raises concerns about the future of renewable energy in Britain, a UK solar firm has said. London-based solar company Solarcentury welcomed the move to grant the funds to solar PV installations under the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP), [...] [more]
  • Gas and electricity bills are rising four times faster in the UK

    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Britains energy prices have increased by 16.7 per cent over the past year. The increase compares to the European average of 3.8 per cent, with 1.5 per cent in Germany, 1.3 in Denmark and 5.3 in Sweden. Continental energy companies have been accused of “picking the pocket” of British consumers as four of the six biggest [...] [more]
  • UK energy vunerability highlighted by Ukraine crisis

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    The price of gas has risen 26 per cent to 73 pence a therm over the last three days, as some traders began to export gas from the UK to meet the shortages across Europe that have resulted from a slow down in the flow of gas from Russia. Last week, Russia stopped supplying gas to [...] [more]
  • Why nuclear is not the UK’s energy answer

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    The UK government’s enthusiasm for the construction of nuclear power stations is based on a May 2007 consultation document published by the Department of Trade and Industry (now BERR). This paper argued that nuclear offered a financially viable way of generating electricity, broadly competitive with fossil fuels. It correctly pointed out that the cost of [...] [more]
  • The future is still bright for solar panels

    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Low oil prices and the credit crunch are threatening to stall the green revolution. The value of crude has dropped from a summer high of nearly $150 a barrel to below $40, taking the wind out of the sails of turbine manufacturers and others ­trying to build low-carbon alternatives. Jeremy Leggett, founder and executive chairman of [...] [more]
  • UK Energy gap that could lead to blackouts

    Posted 4 weeks ago

    A TENTH of the UK’s power plants could be forced to close by the spring of 2013 – two-and-a-half years ahead of schedule, new research shows. The revelation will stoke fresh concern that the government has not done enough to head off a looming energy generation gap that could lead to blackouts across the country. Under an [...] [more]
  • UK households face higher energy bills from 2010

    Posted 5 weeks ago

    The British energy regulator said on Friday that householders and businesses were likely to face higher energy bills from 2010 to pay for improvements to the UK’s electricity distribution networks. Ofgem said the UK’s distribution network operators were planning significant increases in their capital spending to replace ageing equipment and to expand networks. “Ofgem is challenging the [...] [more]
  • Peak oil in 2020, says energy agency

    Posted 6 weeks ago

    Global oil production will peak much earlier than expected amid a collapse in petroleum investment due to the credit crunch, one of the world’s foremost experts has revealed. Fatih Birol, chief economist to the International Energy Agency, told the Guardian that conventional crude output could plateau in 2020, a development that was “not good news” for [...] [more]

Why solar panels?

1. Be the first

You don't have to be mental to be environmental, but you will definitely beam, showing your neighbours you are smarter and greener, buying solar panels for the UK climate.

2. House prices

Adding solar panels to your property is the same as adding a conservatory, a large possible increase in your property price is possible.

3. Selling your home

In a century with ‘Energy Assessment Certificates’, homes with solar already installed will be snapped up, quicker, than those without.

4. Britain’s energy crisis

Did you know, 80% of British electric and gas supplies will come from Russia, leaving a national security threat bigger than the cold war. Our politicians will have no choice but to give in to Russia’s political demands in the 21st century.

5. Climate change

Need we say more on this subject.

6. Why not wind?

People in built up or sub-urban areas will not get planing permission to install. You need a very large wind turbine to make a dent in the average domestic energy bill. Most domestic houses are unsuitable for wind turbines.

7. Improved solar technology

Latest solar panels have improved vastly over the last few years. Specially designed for the UK climate. Harnessing the power of the sun has never been so easy. Solar panels are fast becoming a mainstream and viable option. Learn about solar energy and solar radiation for the UK climate.

8. UK energy pricing

May I quote “British Gas Managing Director - Mark Clare, said "the industry had no choice but to pass on the large increase in wholesale gas prices to the consumer". Mr Clare said "The wholesale price forecasts for 2006 are something like 50 percent higher than a few months ago. "FORWARD MARKET PRICES ARE PRETTY UGLY FOR EARLY NEXT YEAR AND BEYOND". "All suppliers are going to have to put prices up in 2009, that’s inevitable". He added "higher gas prices means higher electricity prices too, because Gas fuels 40 percent of the UK's power stations".

Energy price fixing by UK energy companies

Read the small print on your contract. Price fixing is subject to governmental price changes, here or abroad, so if Russia decides to up its price, up goes your price, fixed or not.

9. Climate change and Britain

We have all felt it get warmer and dryer, mild winters and early spring times. So if predictions are correct, over the coming years, you will be seeing a lot of the sunshine.

10. Global warming

Bored of hearing about global warming? Did we say domestic solar panels save money on your energy bills?

Typical questions

1. Can solar panels run my central heating?

No, because solar is most effective in summer. Solar thermal keeps your hot water tank topped with hot water only.

2. Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

In most cases yes, but this will be determined at the solar survey stage. South facing is ideal, but south/east and south/west are great too.

3. There are lots of solar systems on the market, which is best?

In a 2001 DTI report, evacuated tubes were singled out as the most efficient systems. Since then, this solar panel technology has greatly improved because it now heats 'directly' rather than anti freeze 'indirectly'. This gives even better efficiency in 2007 for our UK climate.

PV Solar Panels are electric generating solar panels, although these are more expensive than solar thermal, they can help reduce your electric consumption and sell back to the national grid.

4. 'Direct' or 'indirect' solar?

Traditional style UK solar panel systems usually heat up an antifreeze mixture to prevent freezing in the UK climate (indirect). Today we can get greater efficiency out of solar panels by heating water '(directly), by making them freeze tolerent using a special drainback system.

5. Can I install evacuated tubes myself?

Yes, if you are competant in plumbing, because DIY solar panels kits are now available. We do not recommend novices installing though.

6. Can I generate electricity using solar instead?

Yes, this is done using PV solar panels. Although more expensive, they can produce a portion of your electricity usage, but not all in most domestic cases. Any excess produced is sold back to the National Grid.

7. Do I need planning permission?

No, unless you live in a listed building.

8. Why install these solar panels?

Simply put, we only showcase and install the latest solar panel technology. There are still some UK solar companies who offer their customers outdated or inefficient technology for the UK climate. Learn more about solar energy in the UK >>

9. Can I buy solar panels from a trade supplier?

Yes, Solar4U are one of the UK's largest quality trade suppliers. We supply solar installers, tradesmen, companies and even DIY installers. Please go to our solar panels trade suppliers website >>

10. Where do you install? Can you do my solar installation?

Solar4U, do solar installations and have solar installers which cover England and Wales.

Solar energy and solar panels Renewable Energy Topsites

Solar energy is a general term for the electro-magnetic radiation emitted by the sun. We can capture and convert solar radiation into useful forms of energy, such as heat and electricity, using the latest solar panel technologies. The technical feasibility and economical operation of these technologies at a specific location depends on the available solar radiation, which in the UK, is 60% of that of the equator. More than enough!

Solar radiation and solar energy

Our planet is round, and the sun strikes the surface at different angles ranging from 0º (just above the horizon) to 90º (directly overhead). When the sun's radiation or solar rays are vertical, and our planets surface gets all the energy possible.

The Earth revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit and is closer to the sun during some parts of the year. When the sun is closer to the Earth, our planets surface receives a little more solar energy or solar radiation exposure. Earth is nearer the sun when it's summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemispheres. The more slanted the sun's radiation or solar rays are, the further they travel through our the upper and lower atmospheres, becoming more scattered and diffuse. Because the Earth is a globe, the north and south polar regions never get a full high sun, and because of the tilted axis of spin, these areas receive no sun at all during part of the solar or annual year.

The tilt in the Earth's axis of spin is a more significant factor in determining the amount of solar radiation hitting the Earth at any particular part. Tilting results in longer days in the northern hemisphere from our spring equinox to the fall equinox and longer days in the southern hemisphere during the other part of the annual calenders. Days and nights are both 12 hours long on the equinoxes, which occur each year on or around March 23 and September 22.

Solar energy and solar radiation in the UK

The UK, which lies in the middle latitudes, receives more solar energy in the summer not only because days are longer, but also because the sun is nearly overhead giving greater amounts of radiation exposure. Solar rays are far more slanted during the short days of the winter months.

Rotation of the Earth is responsible for hourly variations in sunlight and solar radiation. In the early morning and late afternoon, the sun is lower in the sky. Its rays travel further through the atmosphere than at midday when the sun is at its highest point. On a clear day, the greatest amount of solar energy reaching a solar panel collector is around midday. This is called the solar bulge, commonly known as high noon.

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With solar panels, solar energy can be collected, harnessed and used...

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