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Solar Thermal Technology

What is solar thermal technology?

The conversion of solar radiation into heat for technological use as a pre-heating system. Solar thermal heating is applied to water, air or structural materials. Conversion of light to heat can be achieved through passive systems or active systems (mechanically transferring heat by means of a working fluid such as oil, water or air).

Real world usage

Solar thermal technology can be implemented wherever water needs to be heated. Nurseries, hospitals, schools, or any campus environment where boilers are installed are prime candidates for implementation of our unique commerial/industrial integration capabilities. By preheating the water with super-efficient solar thermal tubes, utility costs for running the boiler are reduced heavily as the water comes into the unit pre-heated.

Crude oil production benefits from solar thermal technology as well. By heating the water with solar, less gas has to be used to heat the water that is used in the boiler. A two fold benefit occurs: 1) more gas can be sold instead of used to heat water, 2) the boiler stack's emissions are proportionally reduced. This makes permitting much easier with regulatory agencies such as the APCD.

Which components do we use?

Established in December 1995, Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Co., LTD. is a hi-tech enterprise affiliated to Beijing Sunpu Technical Company, engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing various evacuated tube solar collectors. With a production base of annual productive capacity of 500,000 tubes, Sunda is one of the largest heat pipe vaccum tube enterprises in the world. Sunda has opened a new enlarged manufacturing facility and established an overseas subsidiary company in Germany.


The vaccum tube solar collector with heat pipe is a breakthrough in solar technology. To achieve the highest efficiency the absorber is sputtered with an aluminium nitride selective coating, which transforms over 92% of the incoming solar radiation into heat. The heat pipe transfers the heat into the heating circuit via a copper condenser. In order to prevent any heat loss the absorber and the heat pipe are mounted in a highly stable vacuum glass tube, which ensures a good insulation and protection in the long term against corrosion and other environmental influences.

The collector therefore combines a high efficiency of the absorber with the advantages of durability and a long lifetime. It is easy to install and guarantees optimal service, comfort and reliability. All products are inspected and certified according to the German Industry Standard DIN 4757.


The active use of solar energy does not only contribute to saving money, but also helps to conserve the Earth, since the substitution of fossil energy sources reduces the generation of harmful substances and carbon dioxide affecting the climate equilibrium.

Sunda solar collectors are being proven efficient andreliable over a long lifetime. For the worldwide applications of solar collectors in the heating system, solar air-conditioning plants, solar powered process heat, desalination plants and other applications, the economic advantages go hand in hand with the sense of responsibility for the environment and future generations.
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