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Environmental protestors install solar panel on British deputy PM's roof (AFP via Yahoo! News)

Environmental protestors hit on a novel method of highlighting sustainable energy issues ahead of Britain's general election -- climbing onto the deputy prime minister's roof to install a solar panel. (full story)

Consumers Opt for More Electricity from Renewable Energy (U.S. State Department)

Washington -- Around the world, electric utilities and other power suppliers in a growing number of countries are giving consumers a chance to buy some portion of their electricity in the form of energy generated by renewable sources, including solar, wind and geothermal power. The practice, called green power marketing, allows utilities to add more renewable resources to their traditional mix of (full story)

Solar bill up for key vote today (L.A. Daily News)

SACRAMENTO - A bill that would provide incentives for homeowners and businesses to install solar-power systems comes up for a key committee vote today, just as California enters the summer peak times for energy usage. (full story)

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Estimated Worldwide energy consumption so far this year
(1 kWh = 3413BTU)

Worldwide energy consumption in 1999 was 377 quadrillion BTUs, which is approximately 92.5 quintillion kWh. Solar energy accounts for less than 0.01% of that amount.

1999 World Production of Primary Energy (Quadrillion (10x15) Btu)
Petroleum 149.70
Natural Gas 87.31
Coal 84.90
Hydroelectric 27.10
Nuclear 25.25
Geothermal, solar, wind, wood waste 2.83
Source: US DOE EIA