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Over 40% of the building materials used to renovate Chicago Green Tech are made from recycled materials. Reusing products or using recycled materials means that they continue to be a valuable, useful and productive item. Using recycled/reused materials reduces the need to create new products that would use more water, energy, timber, petroleum and other limited natural resources to manufacture. Check out all of the reused and recycled materials used at Chicago Green Tech.

The building itself is the largest re-used item on the site. Renovating existing buildings takes advantage of the infrastructure already in place - plumbing, wiring, roads, sewers, as well as the actual structure. Using these and other existing items not only benefits the environment but also can reduce project costs. Additionally, tearing down existing buildings creates unnecessary waste, much of which is disposed of in landfills.

By re-using the existing building and taking great care to seek out recycled products, renovating Chicago Green Tech had a little impact on the environment as possible.

For more information about urban land recycling visit The Chicago Brownfields Initiative and The Natural Environment web pages.

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