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Special Series

Climate Fairness

Climate change threatens hardships for everyone, but the people and nations least to blame for causing it are most vulnerable. In this series, Alan Durning explores the issue of climate equity and looks at the enormous opportunity to reverse the unfairness of climate change.

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Series Posts

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Cap-and-Cashback: Regional Fairness

03/11/2009 Climate policy can be fair to families all across the country.


KC Golden Stands Up for Climate Fairness

03/03/2009 Climate Solutions' KC Golden had a letter in the New Yorker magazine.


Obama Budget: Climate Fairness

02/26/2009 Administration's budget angles for carbon auctions, protections for working families.


Climate Fairness on TV

01/16/2009 Sightline breaks it down for the Washington legislature.


Tribes and Climate Adaptation

01/12/2009 Fish, floods, and the costs of climate change.


"It's Too Expensive To Address Climate Change"

01/08/2009 The real cost is the cost of doing nothing.


Todd Myers Is Right, Sort Of

01/05/2009 Another reason to auction carbon permits.


Cap and Train: Climate Policy and Green-collar Jobs

09/25/2008 How to actually deliver green-collar jobs to those who need them.


Cascadian Carbon Tax Shifts?

04/24/2008 The only obstacle is politics.


Best Post Ever?

04/14/2008 Climate fairness, pitch perfect.


Other Carbon Tax Shifts

03/10/2008 A quick survey of carbon taxes outside of Cascadia


More on BC's Carbon Tax Shift

03/10/2008 Oh, Canada!


Riding Herd On Refrigerators

03/04/2008 Financing free fridges for fairness.


Cap and Caulk: How Smart Climate Policy Can Cut Our Energy Costs

02/27/2008 Insulating working families from high energy prices.

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