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America outsourcing its pollution to China

By Francis Stokes
Gristmill: The Environmental News Blog
April 24, 2006

Yet another successful American export product is facing stiff competition
from China: pollution. China, where factories are springing up like
dandelions and whose labor force is cheap and plentiful, is able to churn
out pollution at an unprecedented rate. And the prices! Now you can afford
to get emphysema and lung cancer. Once, America was the world leader in
the bad-air industry -- so much so, a recent Nova episode credited export
of American pollution as a contributor to the disastrous famine in
Ethiopia in the 1980s. Ah, those heady days of world power ...
Today, sadly, China has surged ahead in the game and left America in a
paltry second place. A recent AP article points to China as the producer
of Seattle's hazy new skyline. But a message to all you Grist office
workers, from here in Los Angeles: Before you go bragging about your
beautiful new orangey red sunsets, remember that down here our smog is
homegrown, and yours has that little sticker that says "Made In China."


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