Developing Sustainable Agricultural Techniques For The Future.

Developing Sustainable Agricultural Techniques For The Future.

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Destiny's Energy Farm

At Destiny’s Sustainable Energy Farm, producing food for local consumption is the priority. At the same time, the goal is to create a true learning center where 21st century farming techniques and practices are showcased and taught to residents of Florida, and to people throughout the world.

Here, renewable energy and alternative fuels power the pumps and motors necessary for producing food. Scientists will perfect techniques for reduced-input crop cultivation, developing and tilling nutrient-rich soil that is ideal for growing energy crops like Sweet Sorghum, algae and other crops as an alternative to corn-based Ethanol that requires less water and provides a twice-yearly

Energy Farm

Farm-to-Fuel initiative

As part of our process to determine the feasibility of creating a commercial ethanol plant, we’re currently focused on developing alternative ways to produce ethanol without using corn or sugarcane, two food crops that require a lot more water to produce than Sweet Sorghum. Even marginal land can be used to grow energy crops, so in addition to planting 20 acres of Sweet Sorghum, we’re planting numerous experimental plots by testing growth within various kinds of soil treatments, developing and testing less energy-intensive hybrid varieties, measuring the effect of plant density on growth, and more.

At the same time, we’re developing and testing carbon-free harvesting techniques to determine the method that will offer the greatest yield with the smallest environmental impact.

We’re also taking samples to the University of Florida to measure both pressed and dry yields per acre, which will ultimately help determine how many gallons of ethanol we can produce per acre, and then focus our efforts on increasing that number.

Our Primary Goal

Efficiency. That's our goal.
What’s the “true cost” of producing fuel and food in a post-petroleum dependent context without chemicals, shipping costs or government subsidies? These are the things we’re committed to and devoting our efforts to discover.

We look to develop an economic foundation, supplying other farms in the area with organic fertilizer, bio-fuels and feedstock. Destiny’s Sustainable Energy Farm is the result of a unique partnership between a growing list of private individuals and companies, including:

If you'd like to get involved, please contact Roz Gatewood, Vice President of Business Development at 561-454-1646 or