Destiny is the answer to poorly conceived urban developments where sprawl, congestion and excessive carbon emissions are the rule.

Discover how conservation, recycling and preservation can combine with innovative creative planning to create a new, green American dream.


Please take a moment to get a feel for Destiny’s unique agricultural and rural character, and our vision for the country’s first American's First Eco-Sustainable City.



Hear a candid discussion about population growth in Central Florida, our options, and a smart alternative to urban sprawl.

Atlee Mercer|
Osceola County Property Appraiser


Learn about clean-tech, eco-friendly jobs coming to the region.

Jim Murphy | Member of Osceola County's | Tourism Development Council

Hear from the county's 'most popular public figure' on ways to improve the county's tax base and maximize benefits for all.

Patsy Hefner | Osceola County Tax Collection

Take it from someone who knows: education, lifelong learning and quality of life are closely linked.

Frank Brogan | President of Florida Atlantic University