Special Reports
Dongtan Eco-City

August 23, 2005

We are the designers and masterplanners for the eco-city Dongtan, which will be
sustainable not just environmentally, but also socially, economically and culturally.

With our client, the Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporate (SIIC), our aim is
to create a development with low energy consumption that is as close to carbon
neutral as possible.

Dongtan is located on the third largest island in China at the mouth of the
Yangtze River. The 8,600 hectare (86 square kilometer) site is adjacent to a
wetland of global importance. The urban area will occupy just one third of the
site with the remaining land retained for agriculture and used to create a
buffer zone of ‘managed’ wetland between the city and the ‘natural’ wetland.

Dongtan Eco-city Location MapDongtan will produce its own energy from wind,
solar, bio-fuel and recycled city waste. Clean technologies such as hydrogen
fuel cells will power public transport. A network of cycle and footpaths will
help the city achieve close to zero vehicle emissions. Farmland within the
Dongtan site will use organic farming methods to grow food.

Dongtan will be a vibrant city with green ‘corridors’ of public space ensuring a
high quality of life for residents. The city is designed to attract employment
across all social and economic demographics in the hope that people will choose
to live and work there.

Dongtan demonstrates to the world China’s ability to work closely with the
environment and has provided a methodology for sustainable communities across
China and beyond.

We are providing a full range of services including:

Urban design
Sustainable energy management
Cultural planning
Waste management
Renewable energy process implementation
Economic and business planning
Social development
Sustainable building design
Landscape design


Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporation (SIIC)


Promoting Green Building Design, Construction and Operation, Sustainable Living,
Clean Technology, Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Independence