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First Solar-Powered Desalination Plant to be Built in January

December 18, 2004

A project to build a Dh40-million solar-powered plant that will desalinate
sea water will start in January next year, it was announced. The complex,
the first in the Gulf, will take four years to complete. Once the plant is
built and tested, the lessons it provides are expected to be applied
across the region. "We will launch the project on January 5. It will be
our first innovative project using technology from within the Arab world.
The project will be cost-effective once it is operational.

"It will also create new jobs, change the lives of many people and mark
the beginning of new investments that will bring changes to the Gulf
region," said Dr Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Najar, president of the Arab
Science and Technology Foundation.

However, he did not specify in which emirate the plant would be located.
The project, Al Najar said, was the result of coordinated efforts to
create innovative investments by using modern technology. The foundation's
mission is to bring scientists and investors together to help bring about
developments to the region by using new technological approaches.

The foundation, which operates throughout the Middle East, intends to
shift the region's investments from traditional applications to modern
technology. Founded in 2000 and based in the University of Sharjah, the
Arab Science and Technology Foundation has been advocating the use of
renewable energy, non-conventional medical research and investment in new

The foundation has organised 20 conferences, seminars and workshops. It
currently supports 11 scientific studies. (The Gulf News)


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