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Shaikh Mohammed’s New Book Focuses on Dubai’s Astounding Development

Khaleej Times Online
April 24, 2006

Dubai — A new book, ‘My Vision — Challenges in the Race for Excellence’,
highlighting the breathtaking development of Dubai was launched by
Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness
Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, here yesterday.

It was published by Motivate Publishing, Dubai and The Arab Institute for
Research and Publication, Beirut. According to the co-publishers, the book is a
unique and detailed account of the exceptional development of Dubai and the
vision behind the outstanding accomplishments, that included transforming the
UAE and Dubai from their role as a regional powerhouse to their new and advanced
role as international economic and financial centres. The attainment of these
high rates of growth, according to them, was accomplished by way of providing
excellence in services and industry.

One of the most important features of the book, they noted, is the simplicity
with which the author approaches complex subjects such as vision, leadership,
state management, enhancement of skills, and expertise in human resources that
played a paramount role in constantly pushing development in Dubai to new heights.

The author, in this Arabic version of his book, used his close and almost daily
involvement in projects as the basis for his work. It is therefore a credible
and lively account of processes and foundations of ultra-modern development,
based on first-hand experience and direct guidance. “The book, specifically,
provides a true description of an exceptional development experience that is
regarded by many as a role model for other Arab and Muslim countries,” the
publishers said in a joint statement.

“Dubai is proving to be one of the most successful development stories in the
world, and is being viewed increasingly in the Arab and Muslim worlds as a
source of pride.” Compared by the author to Cordova, the old capital of Arab
Spain, Dubai’s melting pot of nations and creeds is adding new and exciting
dimensions to the concept of co-existence and enhancing human interaction and
understanding. And like Cordoba, Dubai today is providing a new hope for
humanity that different civilisations and religions can co-exist and strive
collectively to create excellence in everything for the benefit of all.

The English version of the book will be published soon. The book contains 13
chapters in five parts, plus introduction and conclusion, as well as a brief
bibliography on the jacket.

Brief Editorial Review: Described by reviewers as one of the most important
books published in the Middle East in the past 50 years, the book is primarily
about development, as four of the five sections carry the word ‘development’ in
their titles. The fifth — ‘The Road to the Future’ — is an overview of future
economic developments, and covers topics such as ‘Globalisation and the Economic
Integration of the Central World Economic Zone (CWEZ)’ for which Dubai is
providing the economic role model, positioning itself as the leading economic
and developmental metropolis.

In his book, the author reveals, for the first time, the ‘secrets’ that made the
emirate of Dubai one of the most astounding development phenomena in the world.
His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum provides insight into the
strategies that can produce excellence in development, including vision,
leadership, management, teamwork, and decisive and timely decision-taking.
The book is primarily about the development and successful management of
countries, presenting Dubai as a role model. This makes the book unique, due to
the absence of other books in Arabic on this vital subject. It gains further
importance due to the authoritative account of the various components of
development, based on personal experience and daily involvement, rather than on
abstract theories and untested experiences.

The author has dedicated the book to His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al
Nahyan, President of the UAE, but he gives credit for the successes of Dubai to
nationals and residents alike, and to the public and private sectors in equal
terms. Their immense contribution is appreciated and recognised at every stage,
and all are called upon to participate in the ‘consensus planning’ of Dubai and
the UAE, as a prerequisite to reaching new heights of development and excellence.

The author addresses not only the people of Dubai and the UAE, but the entire
Arab and Muslim world of 1.3 billion people. The success story of Dubai, he
believes, can be replicated in other Arab and Muslim countries. Therefore, the
book delivers a message of optimism that a second stage of outstanding
development can be achieved throughout the Arab and Muslim world. The proof he
provides is Dubai itself.


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