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Source: ZinCo International 3/98 Brochure

The layered greenroof system can be installed at almost any time of the year.  Planting can only occur at specific times throughout the year, depending on the method of planting used (ZinCo brochure, March, 1998).  Pre-planted modular systems can be applied year round in most cases as long as the plants have had sufficient time for hardening.

Typical Extensive Greenroof Material Section from Optima
Simple Plant Communities:  Height:  2 – 3 inches
              Light Weight                Heavier Weight  

Source: Optima Planungs-Unterlage 9/97

A –“Optima-Kennkorper” Extensive Soil Substrate

B – Insulation Layer

C - Root Barrier Course

D – Waterproof Membrane/ Protective Barrier  
Typical Intensive Greenroof Material Section from Optima
Diverse plant communities useful for achieving architectural accents:
Height:  36 inches – 15 feet

                    1-  Lighter Weight      2- Heavier Weight

Source: Optima Planungs-Unterlage 9/97

A –“Optima-Kennkorper” Intensive Soil Substrate

B – Fleece Filter Fabric Screen

C – “Optima Perlite” Drainage Layer

D – Rainwater Retention Layer

E – Insulation Layer

F – Root Barrier Course

G – Waterproof Membrane/ Protective Barrier

After deciding upon either an extensive or intensive greenroof for your particular needs and evaluating the slope in question, the essential design criteria to be considered for any project are the selection of the following components:

Waterproofing | Insulation | Drainage | Filter Fabric | Growth Media | Plant Material | Water Storage & Irrigation

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