Global Networking for Green Roofs

Urban RoofGreen Roofs have become a very important component of sustainable urban development within the last 30 years. Growing environmental awareness and the striking economical and ecological advantages are the driving forces for this great success. At present, Green Roofs, sky gardens and rooftop gardens can be found in nearly all big cities around the world, benefiting the urban environment and their inhabitants.

Finally, landscaped roofs provide many positive effects for the life expectancy and the energy balance of a building. In order to guarantee lasting function, Extensive Green Roofs, Semi-Intensive Greening and Intensive Green Roofs are all based on the same principles: high quality materials, professional planning and installation, state of the art technology and acknowledged guidelines.

Sky GardenAn international exchange of ideas and technologies within the Green Roof sector, therefore, is not only desirable, but simply a necessity with regard to efficient environmental strategies.

The International Green Roof Association (IGRA) offers the platform for the worldwide promotion and dissemination of ecological Green Roof ideas.

Join the Green Roof Network and get inspired by an architectural style which combines ecology, economy and aesthetics!