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John Little and Dusty Gedge have teamed up to write the definitive guide to building small scale green roofs. For enthusiasts or for small building contractors the guide covers all you need to know about building green roofs. Packed with drawings and photographs this guide is about practical installation. More details here...

International Green Roof Congress 2009 - Nuertingen, Germany
From 25th to 27th May 2009, Stuttgart / Nuertingen (Germany) will become the platform for the world of green roofs. More information and online registration is available at http://www.greenroofworld.com/


Independent UK Resource For Green Roof Information

Welcome to livingroofs.org, the independent UK website to promote green roofs [roofs that are intentionally vegetated] and provide advice for their installation. This site is in response to the growing interest in green roofs in the UK, and the need to provide detailed and independent information.

In the UK, the increased pressures on urban land and increased density levels are likely to have adverse impacts on drainage, water abstraction, biodiversity, accessible green space, and local climate conditions. A green roof system can play a positive role in mitigating these impacts and contributing towards an increase in quality of the urban environment.

Green roofs can provide a wide range of benefits to buildings, their owners and users, and the immediate environment. Unfortunately, this country trails behind others in installing green roofs. For example, since 2000 over 30 million square metres of green roofs have been erected in Germany alone. Many other countries are following suit.

Green roofs in the UK date from the 1930s, but a conservative building and planning culture has traditionally served to constrain their installation. However, over the past 5 years there has been a renewed interest in green roofs, and growing confluence of growers, suppliers, ecologists, architects, designers and others with an interest in green roofs to bring about change in order that green roofs can contribute fully to the living environment of our towns, cities and villages.

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Livingroofs, Green Roofs And The Future

Livingroofs.org has been established to assist in this green roof renaissance; to provide a comprehensive resource for planners, developers, architects, clients, and others wishing to design, install or promote green roofs. It aims to identify pit-falls and problems, as well as highlight the many benefits of green roofs and case studies of good practice.

Established in 2004, we are only at the start of this process, and livingroofs.org will seek to develop these resources substantially over the forthcoming years. If you are interested in joining us in this work, or have green roof information and / or examples of specific projects, which you think others will find useful, please contact us.

Livingroofs.org aims to:

1. provide a forum for green roof interests
2. provide advice
3. advocate the benefits of green roofs
4. identify constraints and solutions
5. promote and disseminate research
6. develop policy and standards
7. promote the industry

UK member of the EFB European Federation of Green Roof Associations

Livingroofs.org wishes to thank our Supporters and Sponsors