2009 is upon us and we find ourselves buried under snow, slush and ice.  It's a great time to review your projects and speak to our team about your plantlists. Have a green roof project and don't know where to start?  We can help with that too.  Call today!

The Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project - 2010 Olympics

Approximately 6 acres of seed, bulbs, and plugs grown at NATS specifically for this impressive project.

Have a green roof project in the works?  Our professional team can assist you, whether you are looking for a modular system such as LiveRoof or for a bulk-laid system.


NOW: NATS is a Canadian Distributor for Northwest Horticulture 
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N.A.T.S Nursery Ltd. is a specialized wholesale grower of Pacific Northwest Native Plants, Hardy Ferns, Groundcovers and Living Roof and Wall Plants. We also offer Ecological Consultation . For over 19 years NATS has been supplying high quality plants to the restoration and land reclamation industries.


(Assorted plug crops in our computer-controlled propagation house.)

Our move to Langley, BC in 2004 allowed for the construction of a modern propagation facility that has resulted in a dramatic quality improvement to our propagation. We were one of the first nurseries to become P. ramorum-free certified

NATS Nursery's expert team produces over 300 crops, including over 200 native plants, 18 types of hardy ferns, and 75+ groundcovers, totalling over 3 million plants annually. Please browse the catalogue pages to select a product or learn more about the plants we grow.

With the convenience of our location near both Vancouver and SeaTac International Airports, we are able to efficiently ship our quality products worldwide. Our product is aimed at Wholesalers, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Architects, Governments, Retail Nurseries and Garden Centres, and Restoration Firms. N.A.T.S. also offers custom growing for your project-specific plant needs. If you are a homeowner or student, please visit the webpages on this site dedicated to assisting you.

Learn why our plants are right for your projects.


The unique and highly skilled team at N.A.T.S. is committed to providing the best quality Pacific Northwest plants possible to the global market, whether it be for restoration, reclamation, reforestation or sustainable gardening. We strive to help our customers in their search for the right plant for the right place and to share our personal passion for plants and improving the world in which we live.


NATS is committed to being a sustainable company.  We have adopted many policies to that effect:

  • We grow plants which sequester carbon, produce oxygen, prevent soil erosion, provide food and habitat for local wildlife, moderate climates and absorb stormwater runoff. (They are also very beautiful to look at!) 
  • Recycling of materials such as plastics, metals, compost, paper. Even our office building was pre-loved and brought to this site, as were our old cold frame greenhouses.
  • Reduced car use.  Many staff carpool to work, one cycles to work, others live within close proximity.
  • We utilize post-consumer paper in the office and in our marketing materials
  • Our property retains runoff and nutrients in a detention pond to protect the integrity of neighbouring salmon bearing streams
  • Plants are continually being trialed and observed for their green roof performance on our living roof gazbeo
  • Air travel, which is kept to a minimum, is offset or neutralized by
    carbon credits from Gold Standard projects.
  • Information is made available to all staff on a regular basis
    to maintain awareness about current affairs and to make conservation a team challenge.
  • We are also in the process of calculating our Carbon Footprint ....


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