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Carlisle's Roof Garden System


Centuries old, the roof garden concept has been most recently embraced in Europe. Both functional and aesthetically-appealing, this technology improves the structure's energy efficiency while adding plant life in populated areas.

Currently, the focus on improving the quality of life in urban environments has made these issues more pertinent than ever. Roof Gardens meet the objectives of many of the mandates to improve the air quality of cities by mitigating the effects of heat islands caused by ever increasing development. The benefits of the modern Roof Garden have been demonstrated by the US Green Building Council's endorsement of these systems through the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program.


Carlisle's Roof Garden System provides a variety of waterproofing options with a full line of accessories to insure a high performance system. This includes a range of membranes such as the 60-mil thick EPDM and the TPO which are ideal for the Ultra Extensive Roof Gardens (shallow) with standard 10-15 year warranties. Roof gardens 4" to 8" in depth are classified as a Medium Assembly requiring 75-mil thick EPDM or 72-mil thick TPO membranes for 10-15 year warranties. For the Intensive Roof Gardens (deep), the membrane options include Carlisle's toughest membranes -- 90-mil thick EPDM and 80-mil thick TPO. Carlisle also offers an option to mop down the AFX FleeceBACK EPDM membranes over two plies of base felts to provide a durable hybrid system.

Advantages of the Roof Garden

  • Reduces urban heat island effects
  • Storm water run-off management
  • Adds valuable/useable space providing economic benefits
  • Energy efficiency year-round
  • Air and water purification

Carlisle's Roof Garden Systems

Shallow Assembly Medium Assembly Deep Assembly

2" to 4" soil depth avg. wt. 12 ppsf general sedium plants.

4" to 8 " soil depth min. wt. 15 ppsf sedium and smaller flowers.

Greater than 8" soil depth min. wt. 25 ppsf shrubbery and small trees

Carlisle's Roof Garden Components


Protection Fabric - Carlisle CCW 200V (12oz/sq. yd.) and 300HV (16 oz/ sq. yd.) are polypropylene
non-woven needle-punched fabric, which is stabilized to resist soil chemicals, mildew, insects and is non-biodegradable. Available in rolls 12.5' in width by 200' in length.

CCW MiraDrain™ GR 9200 Drainage Board consists of a high impact polystyrene core with “cups” and pierced holes allowing water retention and drainage. A non-woven polypropylene filter fabric is bonded to the retention side of the molded core to prevent passage of particles into the water reservoirs. CCW MiraDrain is designed to retain water in roof gardens while allowing excess water to the drainage system. It can be installed over CCW 200V or 300 HV protection fabric.

CCW MiraDrain GR 9200 is 0.4" thick with a Water flow rate of 140-145 gpm/sq. ft. (ASTM D 4491). Packaged in 4' x 50' rolls.

CCW MiraDrain HC Drainage Board is a high flow drainage composite. It consists of a high impact polystyrene core with a non-woven polypropylene filter fabric on the top and bottom sides to prevent passage of particles into the drainage core. It is used in roof gardens as an alternative to drainage gravel and protection fabric beneath the growth medium.

Root Barrier - Carlisle 40-mil non-reinforced GeoMembrane™ is a non-reinforced polypropylene sheet specifically formulated for use in below grade applications to resist root growth and soil bacteria sheets may be heat welded together. It is available in widths of 12' and lengths of 100'.

Moisture Retention Mat - A normal 24.3 oz/sq. yd., 0.3" thick mat consisting of needle-punched, recycled synthetic fibers designed to retain moisture in roof gardens. Available in rolls 12' in width by 60' in length.

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