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Roofscapes, Inc. - Taking Green Roofs to the Next Level

With roots in civil engineering, horticulture, soil science, and hydrology, the green roof engineering firm of Roofscapes, Inc. founded the modern American veneer green roof market. For its rigorous commitment to solid engineering and research, Roofscapes, Inc. is widely recognized as the technical expert in this field. Together with our Network of consultants and elite licensed installation contractors, Roofscapes, Inc. offers the full spectrum of green roof design and delivery services.

Roofscapes, Inc. adopts a unique business model: we have no vested interest in the sale of green roof components. We derive our revenues from the service we provide and strive to keep green roofs affordable. This strategy frees us to select the most appropriate, cost-effective, green roof components. Unlike our competitors that link warranty protections to proprietary components, Roofscapes, Inc. is the only US green roof provider that provides long term green roof warranties for generic, performance based green roofs. All of our specifications and details are based on long-standing US and European-style paradigms, and components we specify are available from multiple suppliers, well-known in the industry. The "Roofmeadow®" brand certifies a well-engineered system that is (1) warrantable by Roofscapes, Inc. and (2) comprised of Roofscapes, Inc.-approved components that satisfy our performance-based specifications.


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