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Green Solution to Increasing Domestic Production W/O Further Drilling

MMD Newswire
January 27, 2009

In 1993 Texas entrepreneur, Kurt Neubauer read a report released
by the U.S. Department of Energy, detailing how
oil producers were only able to bring one out of every three barrels of oil to
the surface. He also learned that it's been this way since the first oil was
discovered more than 150 years ago. The DOE further stated that untapped oil,
lodged in formations like sand, shale, chalk, rock, etc., is in the billions and
billions of barrels. Neubauer set out on a quest to find a solution to force oil
out of these formations, and in November 2008 Neubauer received official
verification that he had achieved his goal. His discovery may not be the end-all
to our energy problems, but realistically his remarkable GREEN product could put
America on the road to ending foreign oil purchases from countries who wish us harm.

In late 2005, after 11 years of searching, Neubauer finally discovered a
biodegradable nanotechnology that had been invented by Michael Smallwood, an
engineer, who was working in South America. Smallwood's product was designed to
remove contaminates and heavy metals from soil. Neubauer chased down Smallwood
and they struck a deal. In December, 2005, after acquisition of Smallwood's
technology. Neubauer founded Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. In October of 2007,
after investing $3 million and conducting nearly two years of exhaustive
research and development, Neubauer felt his product was ready to be tested in
the oil field. He called the phenomenal green formula PetroLuxus™. It was
economical to produce, it was non-flammable and non-toxic, and most importantly,
it was safe and environmentally friendly. In lab tests PetroLuxus™ was
recovering 96% of the oil that was absorbed in sand, shale, chalk and other
foreign deposits. Now they needed to locate an oil company or producer who would
allow them to test their inorganic chemical in oil wells.

In January of 2008 Neubauer contacted a small, Texas-based oil producer, who
agreed to let Neubauer test PetroLuxus™ on several of their nearly depleted oil
wells - wells that were producing only 2-3 barrels per day. The wells were
located in the [impenetrable] Austin Chalk fields of west central Texas. In
February Neubauer's team injected PetroLuxus™ down hole in the first well.
Within a couple of days oil production began to climb, and in November, after
nine months of documented testing, oil production had increased 2, 3, 4 & 5
times original output (Texas Railroad Commission study) raising oil production
to nearly 500 barrels monthly.

Soil and Water Remediation

Neubauer also reports that when PetroLuxus™ comes in contact with contaminated
soil or ground water it removes such heavy metals as; lead, mercury, chromium,
nickel, barium, zinc, phosphorous, arsenic, etc., and when PetroLuxus™ treats
ground water, brine water, oil production water or flow back water it removes
the same heavy metals, along with such bacteria as E-coli and much more. Planet
Resource Recovery is in the initial stages of finalizing a working relationship
with a major soil and ground water remediation engineering firm. A News
announcement is forthcoming.

What is PetroLuxus™? How does it work?


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