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West Coast Green is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green innovation, building, design and technology. This year’s expo featured more than 400 exhibits and brought over 14,000 designers, green professionals and homeowners together to network and foster new ideas.

Watch SG Blocks' Harbinger House. Designed by the Lawrence group, this home made of shipping containers is beautiful, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. Watch video above.


Innovation Pipeline
Take a look at some of the exciting green solutions featured at West Coast Green 2008. 

Water from Thin Air! The Watermill by Element Four collects water vapor from the atmosphere, then condenses and purifies it into drinking water for the whole family. watch video

Be Cool and Save Money. The Coolerado Air Conditioner by Coolerado provides a system that can cool a 2000-4000 sq foot building on 600 watts of power, 1/10 the amount of power used by a regular air conditioner.  watch video

Lighting the Way to Energy Savings. Verve Living Systems by Verve is a lighting system that reduces the amount of wiring needed to wire a home and utilizes new wireless, energy harvesting switches and occupancy sensors to reduce energy use.   watch video

Solar PV Panel Installation Made Easy. Andalay by Akeena Solar allows residential consumers to “plug and play” solar panels making the panel installation process extremely easy with a sleeker and more reliable system.  watch video

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Green Building Consultant's Top Ten Predicts Green Building Growth Despite Economy

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The GreenSwitch system is designed to control energy consumption in hotel rooms based on the room's occupancy status

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Wind Power Trends to Watch for in 2009, according to the American Wind Energy Association

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zPower the Country


Documentary, "Hope For A Change" explains how Renewable Energy Could Power the Entire Country

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This Month:
Peter Hsiao, Partner, Morrison & Foerster, LLP, explains the sources, influence and future of water usage
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California Clean Tech Open:  Renewable Energy
"Future of Renewables" Event:

Renewable energy is clean and abundant, but the challenge is to innovate new ways to reach cost parity.  Hear perspectives from PG&E, Google, clean tech VCs and policy experts to find out where they are investing, partnering, buying, and growing. Clean Tech Open’s panel also includes leading entrepreneurs using solar thermal plants, efficient wind turbines, wave energy, and renewably produced biofuels.
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Courtesy, CA Clean Tech Open


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