Special Reports
The Vatican Goes Green

By Brandon Keim
September 19, 2007

Who's going to be the first carbon-neutral country in the world? Some hippie
Scandinavian nation, right? Or Brazil?

Nope. It's the Vatican, which to be honest I didn't actually consider a state,
but it is, and it's teaming up with a Hungarian carbon offset company to plant
the Vatican Climate Forest.

Now, the forest will cover all of 37 acres, so it's not as if going
carbon-neutral takes much work for a country that covers all of .2 square miles.
The company, KlimFa, has reportedly been a bit vague on the details.

But sometimes it's the thought that counts. Pushed by Pope John Paul II and now
Benedict XVI, the Vatican is taking environmental issues very seriously. (John
Paul talks green here and here.) By the end of next year, the papal audience
hall will be completely powered by solar panels installed in a rooftop garden.
If a billion Catholics follow their lead, the world will be a greener place.


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