Top 50 Green Technology Blogs

November 14, 2008

Have you heard the arguments about whether or not to turn off your computer to save on energy and to reduce your carbon footprint? Or, have you wondered whether or not to convince your boss to work from home to save on fuel and energy costs? Society is in transition, and green technology is at the crux of this issue.

The following sites all are concerned with technology, with an emphasis on computer-related issues and business models. From questions about your computer’s carbon footprint to eWaste and from marketing to new legislation, the following 50 sites have answers to many questions about how to go green. We mean seriously green, not green washing.

The sites below are listed in alphabetical order, and we do not favor one site over another. Each site has its own flavor and philosophy, so we hope you’ll find something in this mix that will catch your attention and that will help you play your part in going green.

  1. Behind the Green: The ICT industry is investing billions of dollars to research, develop and market advanced, energy-efficiency technologies and business process solutions, creating thousands of new, high paying jobs in a fast-growing part of the industry. To follow this industry, the Technology CEO Council launched this new blog.
  2. Bizjournals Green: This news blog tracks the deals, people and innovations that are making the green industry the phenomenon of our age. They aim to help entrepreneurs, growth-company executives and the business community in general understand green trends and to identify up-and-coming companies. They also provide a forum for readers to comment and interact with one another. This blog is sponsored by parent company, American City Business Journals.
  3. BusinessGreen Blog: BusinessGreen is a multimedia publication for firms intent on improving their environmental credentials. Published in the UK by Incisive Media, the writers cover technology, legislation, supply chain, carbon trading and more. The site also provides in-depth analysis on various topics, weaving all subjects together for a full picture on global progress toward a greener environment.
  4. CleanTech Group: The Cleantech Group, formerly the Cleantech Venture Network, pioneered clean technology as an investment category in 2002. Therefore, this company played an instrumental role in the development of the “cleantech” category. Gain insight into their research, new products and more through coverage by industry and by company.
  5. Cleantech Blog: Neal Dikeman is the founder of this blog and a partner at Jane Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based merchant bank focused on cleantech, energy & environmental technologies. Readers can find commentary on news and technology relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and the environment.
  6. CleanTechnica: This blog provides an up-to-date perspective on the latest trends in clean tech in “a language that doesn’t require an engineering degree.” Learn more about renewable energy sources, less toxic electronics and more efficient information technology.
  7. CNET Green Tech: This CNET channel provides readers with information on innovative energy and environmental technologies. Green-tech guru Martin LaMonica and other CNET writers serve up fresh clean-tech news and commentary on a regular basis to help you stay informed.
  8. Earth & Economy: This link will take you directly to the ‘earth & economy’ science and tech channel. But, don’t hesitate to wander around a bit, as this site offers links to many green resources that are interrelated. Learn more about green products, business, education, energy, living and travel — all topics that can relate to the geek who focuses on tech for a living.
  9. Earth2Tech: The writers for this blog “scour university labs for the next cleantech leaders, and keep a close eye on tech giants’ green campaigns.” Part of the San Francisco-based GigaOM Network, Earth2Tech enjoys editing by Katie Fehrenbacher, former writer for Red Herring, Engadget, the Yomiuri Shimbun and ReadyMade Magazine. Look for information covering startups and entrepreneurs that are creating innovations to fight climate change.
  10. EcoGeek: Hank Green, founder, manager and editor for this blog spends much of his time working on how to save the planet as he adds up to ten new blog entries to this site per day. He appears regularly on Planet Green’s nightly news show “G Word,” and has written on the subject for a variety of print and online magazines. His work has appeared in publications ranging from Mental Floss Magazine to The New York Times and he’s been interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered and Air America’s The Young Turks.
  11. ecolect: ecolect’s mission is to help designers, architects and builders discover eco-material alternatives and to create tools to help implement new environmental standards. Readers can contribute user reviews and images and contribute to case studies on how to design and build technology and architecture that will change the world.
  12. Ecology and Policy: This blog provides topical information for researchers, policy advisers and the public who are interested in the interaction between ecology and public policy. The Ecology & Policy Blog is run by the Science Policy Team at the British Ecological Society. Although there is a topic on media, this group is open to even more online development on policies or scientific developments that interest readers.
  13. EcoTech Daily: This blog is Chris Baskin’s daily wrap-up of the latest in sustainable technology and green developments. Along the way, you can discover cool and useful green gadgets designed to make your life simpler and more eco-friendly. This site is a sister site to Lighter Footstep.
  14. Environmental Graffiti: This blog delivers a mix of news, analysis and innovative ideas for greening the environment. Although technology isn’t a main focus, you might admit that most of the topics they talk about have an effect on anyone’s daily life…and they do it with a great and wry sense humor. The site was launched in May 2007 by lawyer-turned-graffiti artist Chris Ingham Brooke.
  15. Environmental News Network: ENN was created over thirteen years ago with the hope of bringing attention to present and future environmental issues facing the planet. They publish information that helps readers to understand environmental issues and that hopefully will inspire them to get involved. The topics they tackle include ecosystems, energy, business, science and tech, among others.
  16. eWaste Insights: You cannot be involved with technology at a green level without some concern for eWaste. This blog is one step in that direction, as it covers the state of Electronic Discards in California and the U.S. Learn about eWaste basics and tap into the numerous resources available on this site.
  17. Green Business: This link will take you to the technology channel in this site. But, you might browse around to learn more about how to run a sustainable business, read the news, meet visionaries in green tech, learn about trends and in the process learn more about going organic.
  18. Green Tech Beat: The San Jose Mercury News is using reporter Natt Naumam’s beat — cleantech and energy — as part of a national journalism experiment. Readers can participate, write blogs and post green photos and videos through this site and BeatBlogging..
  19. Green Technology Forum: This ‘forum’ is a research and advising firm that focuses on nanotechnology and biotechnology for growing green businesses. They help businesspeople understand the benefits and challenges of these revolutionary technologies, and they help them to develop strategies, products and services that benefit their customers, the environment, and their bottom line. The range is global.
  20. Green Technology World: Sponsored by TMCNet, this site strives to help environmentally-conscientious business leaders choose environmentally-friendly solutions. The advantage of checking in on this blog is that you also have access to the rest of the TMC network, including white papers.
  21. Green Options Business and Technology: This link will take you to the business and technology channel within this site. Technology here ranges from green building to automobiles, energy and geek tech. You can stick around and browse through this site’s blogs on news and family and lifestyle as well.
  22. GoodCleanTech: If you want to know which desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners and other gadgets and necessities are greener than others, go no further than to this blog. They began to examine desktop PCs and laptops, and created a new suite of benchmark tests and a new seal of approval — “PC Mag GreenTech Approved” — in the process. Now, this team has gone on to examine other technical tools as they devise new testing methodologies.
  23. Greenbang: Greenbang is interested in answers to pressing environmental problems. They provide daily updates to more then 800,000 investors, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and corporate intranets. Based in London, the site contains a blog and also is a news resource for anyone who wants to stay on top of innovative green technology.
  24. Greener World Media’s Web sites and newsletters, led by, are designed to provide clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to “help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that supports profitable business practices.” Readers can spend hours at this site, browsing through blogs, reading news, and learning more about the changing tech and business environment.
  25. GreenTechLog: This blog focuses on green technology from all angles, including new energy. The author is a rabid recycler, and the reader can find many links here to further resources. You also can find a separate channel specifically aimed at GreenTech.
  26. greentechmedia: This site covers all topics under tech, including energy efficiency, batteries and storage, policies and more. Additionally, this site hosts three blogs: Green Light, which covers “the highs and lows of the greentech market, providing news, commentary and analysis on the companies and personalities”; CleanTech Investing and; The Syndicate, which is a compilation of various green tech investing and venture capital blogs.
  27. GreenWerks: This is an interesting blog, as it belongs to a company in Chicago that focuses on green building. Yet, the blog contains a global focus on all things green and technical. The topics center on building, but range widely to energy consumption, tech, and maintenance of natural environment.
  28. Grist: This site focuses on the “trends before they become trendy” in topics that range from the environment to the environment. A Seattle-based company, Grist provides news through blogs, analysis and commentary that they mark as “gloom and doom with a sense of humor.”
  29. Harga-Blog: Andrew Hargadon is an Associate Professor of Technology Management at the Graduate School of Management at University of California, Davis and author of How Breakthroughs Happen: The Surprising Truth About How Companies Innovate (Harvard Business School Press 2003). In this blog, he writes about technology innovation and management with an emphasis on sustainable technology. Recent topics include innovation and entrepreneurship, smart design and a discussion of what makes a good idea.
  30. IAM: A stumble upon this site will reveal a think tank, patent blogs and an IP business blog. This blog is part of IAM magazine, a publication that focuses on Intellectual Asset Management (IAM). IAM gives its readers the inside track on how companies can ensure they extract the maximum value from the patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets they own — great information for anyone who seeks to develop green technology.
  31. Impact of Information Technology: Written by Andrew McAfee, a professor at Harvard Business School, this blog features technology as it pertains to business. Sustainability in technology is a feature in Professor McAfee’s blog entries as well.
  32. Jetson Green: Readers have enjoyed this blog since summer of 2006. Preston Koerner started this blog as an MBA project, and he’s built it into a daily updated web magazine that’s obsessed with green building, sustainable architecture, good design, clean technology in the built environment, and eco-friendly development.
  33. Joel Makower: Joel Makower has been a well-respected voice on business and the environment for more than twenty years. He is a writer, speaker and strategist on corporate environmental practices, clean technology and green marketing.
  34. Marketing Green: Yes, you’re in technology, but you may also need to consider green marketing. This blog’s mission is to provide industry professionals with practical strategic marketing advice on how to build green brands and motivate mass market adoption of more sustainable products.
  35. MetaEfficient: Justin Thomas, editor of MetaEfficient, created this blog in 2004 to review efficient or green products. The site has expanded and grown to cover a wider range of sustainable, efficient products and services beyond tech, to include books, furniture, toys, cleaning supplies and more.
  36. New Scientist: What’s your favorite tech branch? You can find it here at New Scientist, a site that contains news, many blogs and resources for geeks the world over. The blogs are covered under “Short Sharp Science,” and innovative technology is contained in a separate channel as well.
  37. Outlook for Change: Joel West writes about IT and business with a focus on creating business models. Tom Lawrence, the editor, is the Weyerhaeuser Professor of Change Management at SFU. The site’s aim is to provide a resource for change agents and aspiring change agents in organizations and communities with focuses on strategic change, collaboration, communication, the role(s) of change agents, and innovation. This is a great resource for learning new business models.
  38. Pop!Tech: This site was founded and is still supported by a team of volunteers, and it works because it is so eclectic. Although the focus isn’t entirely green, the volunteers are tuned into what is important, including people (as in visionaries), conferences, ideas and innovative projects. The dialog is open, and includes commentaries, “pop!casts”, and the Pop!Tech Accelerator — a support service that facilitates interdisciplinary, world-changing projects that use new tools and embody new approaches to significant global challenges.
  39. Renewable Energy World: In 1998, a group of renewable energy professionals created the most recognized and trusted source for renewable energy new and information on the Internet. While energy covers a wide gamut of topics, you can bet that technology is one of them. This is why you can explore the site by products and companies as well as through news and video.
  40. Sustainable Business: Written by N.E. Landrum, this blog approaches business from the perspective of sustainability and shows how this type of business makes good sense economically and socially. “Make a profit, make an impact, make a difference. Because sustainable business is good business.” That’s the motto. Learn about items of interest to sustainable businesses, including a weekly behind-the-scenes look at a sustainable business.
  41. Sustainable IT: This blog supported by InfoWorld, and Ted Samson brings information about tech, business, and greening environments to readers around the world. Samson is a senior analyst for the InfoWorld Test Center with a passion for IT and green technology.
  42. Sustainable Technology: John Barrie writes this blog and Sustainable Design Update. Both blogs focus on technology, the environment, innovative projects, news and emerging discoveries — all of which lie under the heading, “sustainable.” Barrie is a principal architect with John Barrie Associates Architects in Ann Arbor, MI. and also Executive Director of the Appropriate Technology Collaborative.
  43. Sustainability Law Blog: TonkonRopt, LLP attorneys blog about climate change, green building and sustainable business, forestry, practices and products. They focus on issues ranging from renewable energy, real estate and environmental law to corporate finance and governance, intellectual property and lobbying. Their information is helpful to anyone who wants to develop or sell sustainable products and services with a concentration on green building, but also a leaning toward technology.
  44. Sustainablog: This blog is under the Green Options media umbrella, and it is written by professionals and topic experts David Anderson and Clayton B. Cornell among many other writers. Since July 2003, Sustainablog has provided information on environmental and economic sustainability, green and sustainable business and environmental politics. The blog regularly features environmental leaders, experts in alternative energy and green technology, and real people trying to lighten their environmental footprints.
  45. TechConsumer: The team is comprised of technology startup professionals and gadget enthusiasts from around the world. Their goal is to explore the Internet for cutting edge, interesting innovations and to bring those to readers in a format that is easy to understand and comment upon. While the focus isn’t entirely green, you can expect more leaning that direction as technology becomes more efficient.
  46. TechPulse 360: This blog is run by journalists Mark Boslet and Jean-Baptiste Su and headquartered at the heart of Silicon Valley. They cover business and technology innovations and the companies at the headwaters of this dynamic high-tech industry.
  47. TreeHugger: Who isn’t familiar with TreeHugger? This site remains the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Readers find green news, solutions, and product information, with a channel dedicated to science and technology.
  48. TriplePundit: According to, economy, environment and society are interdependent. Founded by sustainable business expert, Nick Aster, this site brings attention to greenwashing, marketing and branding, supply chain management, transportation and “conscious entrepreneurship.” The focus is on how to blend business and technology with environmental best practices.
  49. WebEcoist Tech and Gadgets: This link will take you directly to WebEcoist’s Technology and Gadgets channel, where you can browse blog entries for topics ranging from energy to other environmental issues. Readers also might want to check out their science and research and art and design categories.
  50. World is Green: This blog focuses on business strategy and sustainability, with a leaning toward economics, technology and business development. Suhit, the author, is a Strategic Planning Officer with the Department for Families and Communities (DFC) in the Government of South Australia. He has a very strong interest in sustainability, economics, technology and development and has contributed to the micro-finance section in the book, WorldChanging.

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Some good blogs, but you’ve missed the cutting edge:

Factor E Farm Weblog,

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