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Innovative Tower To Feature Atrium Of Wind Turbines

Environmental News Network
March 21, 2008

The “Clean Technology Tower”? is a highly efficient building which will be
constructed in Chicago. The tower will have wind turbines positioned at the
corners of the building, to capture wind at its highest velocity as it
accelerates around the tower. At the apex, where wind speeds are at a maximum, a
domed double roof cavity directs the wind towards an array of wind turbines. The
negative pressure created by the turbines will be used to ventilate interior
spaces. The dome itself is shaded by solar cells that capture the southern sun.

The complex includes over 1.8 million square feet of office space as well as a
300,000 square foot hotel, a spa and street-level retail.

It was designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, the same firm who designed the
recently featured solar Masdar Headquarters.

This tower in Chicago is an evolution of the Pearl River Tower which both Adrian
Smith and Gordon Gill were responsible for while at SOM. Where Pearl River used
the face of the building to funnel wind into two large turbine zones this design
uses an array of smaller turbines at the corners of the building to catch the
wind at its highest velocity.


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