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Developed in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology emulates MIT's high standards and offers Master's and Doctoral-level degree programs focused on the science and engineering of advanced energy and sustainable technologies. MIT is working with Masdar to establish a sustainable, homegrown academic and scientific research institute.

The Masdar Institute aims to become a centre of high-caliber renewable energy and sustainability research capable of attracting leading scientists and researchers from around the world. It is developing an interdisciplinary and collaborative research and development infrastructure and is working to develop and promote the region's human capital. The aim is to develop a pool of highly skilled scientists, engineers, managers and technicians capable of accelerating the development of indigenous technology and enterprise in the region and globally.

The graduate programs integrate education, research and scholarly activities to prepare graduate students to be critical thinkers, innovators, future leaders, creative scientists and researchers in a variety of engineering and scientific disciplines. A combination of classroom learning and thesis-driven interdisciplinary research will provide students the knowledge and skills necessary to address some of the world's most challenging problems.

The Masdar Institute is committed to fostering freedom of education, learning and expression while striving to recruit, nurture and enable an outstanding community of students, faculty and staff.