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The Masdar City, One Sustainable Step in Middle East

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Congratulations for the United Arab Emirates, the reason is the next big
project called Masdar City, it will be develop in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. To
develop the city’s infrastructure and maintenance has a budget around $22
billion dollars.

The project is supported by the organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF).The
responsible company of this project is Abu Dhabi Future Energy, and one of the
objectives of this city, is develop a sustainable culture in Middle East,
through a new community with zero emission system. This city going to have a
solar energy supply for its necessities. In this sense, Dr Sultan Ali Jaber, CEO
of Masdar, said: “We are creating a city where residents and commuters will live
the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint. Masdar City
will become the world’s hub for future energy. By taking sustainable development
and living to a new level, it will lead the world in understanding how all
future cities should be built.”

With this kind of project, the markets could find the big possibilities between
the business and the sustainable culture.


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