We know solar energy systems are ugly.
That’s why we hide ours.

If you’re visiting our web site, you’re likely evaluating the energy potential of a solar thermal system for your home, office, or industrial building. Although you’d like to become less dependent on fossil fuels and reduce your energy and pollution footprints, you’ve probably come to one conclusion: they’re ugly.

We don’t blame you. While solar thermal systems help home and building owners reduce their direct energy requirements, most do so at a cost: they are ugly.

Except ours.

The Dawn Solar System® eliminates the visible eyesore of solar collectors. Solar energy is absorbed into a concealed, patent-pending collection system that’s hidden just below the roof or wall. There is no ugly collector visible from the street. And, because the Dawn Solar System is hidden from sight, it’s also protected from the elements—like rain and wind—giving it one of the longest warranties in the business. The Dawn Solar System. It’s the best energy value you’ll never see, but always get.

Path Award Logo PATH Top Ten Technology utilized by Dawn Solar Systems
Solar water heating acknowledged as an important building technology

Brentwood, NH, February 8, 2007 - Technology utilized by Dawn Solar Systems, developer of architecturally integrated solar thermal systems, has been acknowledged as a PATH Top Ten Technology by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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