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Welcome to We are pleased to feature a wide range of products and information technologies that make solar power and renewable energy sources possible. Please browse our store for many great deals on everything from panels and batteries to chargers and lights – all powered by the energy of the sun. Our learning center contains enough product and technology information for consumers to discover how these options can work for all.

Winter is here: consider saving energy and money through solar technology. Heating and lighting needs for the average American home generally account for half of its entire energy expenses. Even taking advantage of just a few solar appliances is certain to offset some of that burden.

Sunlight is an abundant resource which, when harnessed by PV systems, is a great tool for offsetting energy consumption. Solar panels transform sunlight into usable forms of energy for on- or off-grid applications. Wired together in modular array systems, solar panels allow custom, expandable design to meet a variety of energy demands, from powering a remote pump to lighting an urban home.

Solar panel manufacturing technology
In crystalline silicon solar cells, the orderly arrangement of atoms results in the efficient conversion of sunlight to electricity. A typical crystalline silicon solar panel consists of a transparent glass surface, an ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) encapsulant, a Tedlar rear layer and an aluminum outer frame.

Because it uses less semiconductor material thin-film deposition is easier and less expensive than crystalline silicon-ingot growth techniques because it uses less semiconductor material. The three principal thin-film technologies are amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium telluride (CdTe) and copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS). These processes produce high-efficiency modules that can be built directly into roofing shingles for aesthetic architectural considerations.

Effective string-ribbon manufacturing combines conventional crystalline silicon and emerging thin film technology. The high-temperature, molten process contributes to a double yield over conventional solar panel construction per pound of silicon for high material efficiency.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems
In addition to solar panels, a photovoltaic (PV) system requires a mounting structure to tilt panels toward the sun, an inverter to convert panel-generated direct current (DC) into appliance-friendly alternating current (AC), battery storage to compensate for unfavorable weather conditions, and a charge controller to regulate battery operation.

Grid-tie systems are interconnected to the utility network. Wired with a synchronizing inverter, grid-tie systems feed surplus electricity back into the local utility. The utility acts as an infinite storage system, eliminating the need for batteries. Grid-tie systems are aligned with many government-sponsored incentives.

Off-grid systems are stand-alone systems designed for RV, cabin, remote, backup and portable power applications. Because they do not rely on the electrical grid, off-grid systems require batteries to offset lesser power production due to prolonged periods of inclement weather.

Hybrid off-grid systems use a gasoline, propane or diesel generator to compensate for solar power production that is insufficient for energy demands. Then add solar panels as the budget allows, reducing generator run time.

Even with the significant initial cost of solar power systems, the renewable nature of PV technology, low system maintenance, and numerous tax incentives make solar panel systems an attractive investment for powering homes and businesses.

Residential solar home kits have everything you need to create the perfect energy-efficient solar powered home. You'll find panels and cells are easy to install, as well as fans, heaters and air conditioners to keep your home temperature just right. Don't forget about money saving appliances like stoves and ovens as well!

Utilize solar energy with outdoor solar lighting. Garden lights and lamp posts are great for brightening up your yard or patio. Add more life with bird baths, and other decor. We also have portable products for vacations such as pool heaters and covers, and RV solar kits if you're on the go!

Commercial solar kits save energy and lower your costs on heating and cooling. Our solar panels, pumps, chargers, and generators will ensure power is continually available in your building. Consider accessories like solar water fountains or accent lighting for the office.

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California is making the effort needed to guarantee a cleaner energy future. The California Solar Initiative calls for more solar panels to create 3000 megawatts of new solar-produced electricity by 2017. The initiative makes the cost of solar panels and other solar power system components more affordable for consumers.

The California Solar Initiative is part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s Million Solar Roofs program. For the next decade, leading up to 2017, incentives will be provided for existing homes and businesses to use solar power, as well as encouragement for new homes and businesses to incorporate solar panels. Special incentives for low-income housing will also be provided.

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