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Space ProductsOptoelectronic ProductsIllumination Products  Welcome to Spectrolab, the world's leading manufacturer of space solar cells and panels. Spectrolab's product portfolio includes terrestrial concentrator solar cells and modules, searchlight systems (Nightsun?series), solar simulators and Photodetector products.

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Spectrolab, founded in 1956, is a world-class supplier of compound semiconductors, in the form of solar cells and panels, to the space industry. Deployed in 1959, Explorer 6 was the first satellite to use solar arrays. Galaxy IIIC, the world's highest
capacity satellite launched on June 15, 2002. It carries the latest solar cell technology (Improved Triple-Junction with a minimum average efficiency of 26.5%) developed and manufactured at Spectrolab. Ultra-Triple-Junction solar cells, with a minimum average efficiency of 28.3%, are now in production and allow satellite operators the choice of increasing the capacity of their existing satellite platforms.

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Spectrolab, through its commitment to continuous improvement in products and customer satisfaction, strives to deliver, on time, every time, the highest quality products and services available in the industry.