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Pickens: Focus on Wind, Gas

By Kent Bernhard, Jr.
National Green News
June 18, 2008

T. Boone Pickens, the Texas oil baron who has lately focused his attention, and
money, to wind power, is urging Congress to turn to wind and natural gas to wean
the nation off foreign oil.

Pickens told the U.S. Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee the
country should use natural gas, now fueling 22 percent of electricity
generation, to transportation, the Houston Business Journal reports.

"Natural gas is the second-largest energy resource in the country," Pickens told
the committee. "If we take the natural gas we're using for electrical generation
and move it to transportation, we can replace 38 percent of our foreign oil
imports. And that, sports fans, is a real number."

Such a diversion could save the nation $300 billion a year, money that could be
used to massively ramp up wind power generation to replace the natural gas used
for transportation.

Pickens' company, Mesa Power, has ordered 667 wind turbines from General Electric.

Those turbines could generate enough power, 1,000 megawatts, to power 300,000 homes.

But thatís just the first phase of Pickensí Pampa wind project. When itís all in
place, heís planning the worldís biggest wind power project ó about 4,000
megawatts, five times the size of the nationís biggest wind project now.

The first phase of the project will cost $2 billion. When the project is
complete, it will cover about 400,000 acres of Texas panhandle.


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