Special Reports
Pickens Invests in Natural Gas Vehicles

By Josh Loposer
Green Daily
August 15, 2008

In support of his plan to switch a third of US cars to run on natural gas, T.
Boone Pickens has decided to jump start the LNG auto market by investing in a
road-ready natural gas vehicle for the US market designed by the Vehicle
Production Group. By teaming up with investment firm Perseus, Pickens and his
natural gas distribution company Clean Energy Fuels Corp are helping to provide
the investment capital to build this funky looking natural gas vehicle.

The first model off VPG's line will be this boxy yellow number that they're
calling the "Standard Taxi" -- which is a good name, since it just so happens
that, yes, this model is designed specifically for use as a taxi or paratransit
vehicle. While I'd like to see more LNG options for regular drivers, I suppose
taxi and shuttle services are a safe place to start -- especially since cities
look at taxis as a way to green their public image. With the help of Clean
Energy Fuel Corp's natural gas infrastructure, Standard Taxis will hit the road
in 2010.


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