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  • Stimulus Package - Call (202) 225-3121
  • Clynton
  • So you wondered what you could do to help end America's dependence on foreign oil. You wondered how you could make your voice heard and your vote count. Well, there is a big opportunity at hand! The Stimulus Package being formulated right now in ...[more]
  • What I'm Reading...
  • Maria Surma Manka
  • Maria Energia has been quieter than I'd like it to be this month, thanks to a fun ski vacation bookended by a grandparent and then a grandparent-in-law passing away.But check out this piece from the Guardian about Abu Dhabi committing to a ...[more]
  • CO2-Eating Cement?
  • Maria Surma Manka
  • The cement industry is one of the most carbon dioxide-intensive industries out there: it's responsible for about 5% of the world's carbon dioxide emission (CO2) - more than aviation. But what if cement could be turned into something that helped ...[more]

The Daily Pickens(View All)

  • Boone in the Desert
  • January 25th, 2009
  • The newspaper of Palm Springs, California is The Desert Sun. According to the Paper, Boone was in the area last week to discuss the Pickens Plan at a conference.
    Pickens brought his call to action to Indian Wells on Wednesday, at the fifth annual Clean-Tech Investors Summit. Afterward, he sat down with The Desert Sun reporter [...]

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  • The Stimulus Package and the Pickens Plan
  • January 25th, 2009
  • Many elements of the Pickens Plan are beginning to show up in the specifics of the Economic Stimulus Package (officially known as the American Renewal and Reinvestment Act of 2009) which were released over the weekend.
    On Saturday, the Washington Post reported,
    “The White House released a four-page report outlining spending priorities and accountability measures for the [...]

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BooneCam(View All)

  • Boone On The Road Again
  • January 9th, 2009
  • Boone packed his white board and went back on the road this time to speak to
    the Rice University Baker Institute of Public Policy’s Energy Forum. Listen
    to what the students say. You are right, there should be an energy studies
    major! Now back to the books!

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