Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Capturing Rainwater

rainwater barrelOne way to alleviate dependence on city or county water supplies is to purchase a rainwater capturing system. The system can be as simple or complicated as your budget allows, and would help alleviate water shortages and drought problems. Not to mention, that capturing water from the rain is a free renewable source that could serve as a backup in case of any type of emergency. In some states across the US and in some countries, rebates are offered to citizens by the government who purchase a water tank to capture rainwater to alleviate water shortage areas. Rainwater can be as simple as a plastic barrel with a gravity feed to a flowerbed or vegetable garden, or it can be as complex as serving all your water needs. Here is a link to harvesting rainwater that offers information on how to build a suitable system.

Capturing rainwater runoff from your roof is the single easiest thing anyone can do to ensure water security in drought stricken areas. I have visited parts of Mexico with no water at all or running water limited to certain days of the week. Most people had to get creative during the winter months to ensure enough water for their families. Often times, rows of rain barrels are utilized to save water. This is an easy thing to do and its fun too.

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Angela Chen Shui said...

LOVE that pic.
Here in Jamaica we often have drought during two parts of the year and many Jamaicans have devised different ways to capture rain water for use during these times.
If you drive around Kingston and St. Andrew, you'd see many homes with large heavy duty plastic drums with pipes attached that run right into the house to augment normal water supply...
Of course, I prefer your wooden drum pic! ;-)

Continue the great, varied environmental coverage you're doing, JT!