Eco Factor: Rainwater harvesting system generates wind energy using a turbine.

Ingenious rainwater harvesting systems are nothing new to us, but we never miss a chance to share the most creative rainwater harvesting systems that can not only provide water for you and your family but also for the plants that you love so much. Julien Bergignat is one such designer who thinks that apart from collection rainwater, his system does generate electricity as well for you to charge your gadgets or perhaps even power your home.


Dubbed the Eol’eau, the system is designed in two modules – the base collects rainwater and keeps it potable, and the other is the wind generator that uses thunder storms to good effect. The base can carry up to 600 liters of water, which can either be purified to drink or used in the garden as it is.

The Dark Side:

The system looks too complex, because if the wind turbine is installed on top of the barrel there is no way rainwater can enter the tank.

Via: Tuvie/TDB