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- : Automatic Rainwater Collection System : -


RAINWATER HARVESTING - WATERSAVER™downspout rainwater diverter simpifies the collection of rainwater. It Installs in minutes and Deactivates in winter in seconds.

The Garden Watersaver Diverter (GWS) literally takes all the hassle out of harvesting rainwater.

WATERSAVER MISSION STATEMENT - Create an awareness for the need to protect & conserve fresh water by making it easy and inexpensive to collect rainwater

The GWS is an automatic rainwater collection system has advantages over other rain water collecting systems. For example: any container that can hold water can become a water reservoir, containers can be hidden or placed in low visibility locations, can be deactivated in seconds during winter or when stored water is not needed. As containers are hidden extra ones can be added (linked) or filled by simply moving a hose.

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Water bill savings - see menu 'Articles' item

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Approximately 40% of water used in summer
is used outdoors which is when
most areas
face water shortages and have water restrictions.
This water
shortage period is when plants and
trees require water the most. As
grow, water shortages occur, more and more
cities are
incorporating metering systems as a
way of monitoring and restricting
fresh water
wastage. Saving rain water saves money and

helps the Environment - The more rainwater is
used, the less the need to
use chlorinated or
other chemically treated tap water. The more we
rainwater, the less that will go into storm
sewers where it is mixed
with oil and other
toxic residues from streets, parking lots etc.

allowing for more use of settling ponds to
remove these toxins.