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How and Why to Capture and Harvest Rain Water for your Garden and H20

September 20, 2008

Building a house, garage or large shed? It’ll need a roof - make it a standing
seam metal roof. Why? It’s sweet for rain water collection, and every Earth
lovin, smart thinkin’ survival samurai should have one. The concept is simple:
gutters capturing rain water from a metal roof, directing it toward rain barrels
or a cistern. Capture free water for use when you need it.

Let’s face it, clean water is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity as the
world’s population increases and climate uncertainty abounds. Water = Life.
Plain and simple.

Short on rainfall, and your garden is looking sad? You can use the captured
water when the rain clouds don’t cooperate. If it’s sitting uphill from your
plot, you just hook a hose to the barrel’s spigot, connect it to a homemade
irrigation system, and turn the spigot. It’s THAT easy.

Shit hit the fan, and you don’t have a generator, or you’ve run out of fuel? How
are you gonna get water from that well? What if the city’s water supply went
bust when TEOTWAWKI hit? You know it’s only a matter of time. With rain water
already stored in food grade barrels - you’re gonna feel a whole lot better.

When it rains - it refills. Systems can be designed such that the first “x”
gallons don’t enter the barrel. This way if you haven’t had rain in a while and
a pile of bird shit built up on the roof, it gets washed off with the initial
rain fall and the rest enters your barrels.

There are numerous sites that detail how to build a rain water collection
system, full with pictures and diagrams. Let me give you a few:

Yard Smarts one-page article for simple design

Here is a more complex harvesting and purification system with a large cistern

here for pdf download is a very nice 28-page “Rain Water Barrels: Home Owner’s
Guide” from Southwest Florida

here is the 88-page “Texas Manual on Rain Water Harvesting”

and lastly, read all you could want and more at HarvestH2O.com

You can paint them, give ‘em a sense of character, maybe make ‘em digital camo,
or maybe hot pink is more your thing - whatever the case, your design and
appearance is limited only by your imagination. Make sure you check your local
laws. Believe it or not, in some states (like Colorado) there are laws governing
rain water collection.

Rain Harvesting - it’s the way of the future - it’s back to the past.


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