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The New Create an Oasis with Grey Water (book) How to choose, build, and use twenty different types of greywater systems. Revised and expanded 5th edition of the world's best-selling greywater book. $20.95
Growth of the American home over the years
Live Better, Waste Less (article) Essay by Art Ludwig for Fine Homebuilding Kitchen & Bath Special Issue November 2008

Growth of the American home over the years

Legalize Sustainability A compilation of information and resources for removing institutional barriers to sustainability

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"THANK YOU! What an awesome person you are and amazing community resource...its like drinking fresh water meeting someone like you! But why oh why aren't you the one that's in charge of watershed restoration????" —Understanding Water workshop participant

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Oasis Design is a wellspring of original content and designs which you won't find elsewhere.

We specialize in the nuts and bolts of sustainability—practical systems for living well, in harmony with nature and each other. These include designs for managing water, wastewater, energy, money and other resources.

Our goal is to live really well, on a small amount of well-managed resources, and help others do the same.

We don't need resource wars...we just need to make the most of our fair share.

There are several hundred pages of free information here on our web site, as well as an additional several hundred in our books and articles.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and find something which helps you thrive.

Yours, The Oasis Team

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