Purucker Engineering is a licensed engineering design firm and equipment distributor for rainwater collection systems. We SPECIALIZE in the CONTROLS and INSTRUMENTATION necessary to operate the system and integrate it with irrigation controllers, level monitors, flow meters, water treatment equipment, bypass valves and other automation components. We have over 25 years experience in fluid handling and control applications involving pumps, tanks, level control, water treatment and filtration.

Cistern tanks are a time-tested method of harvesting rainwater for later use. Systems of rainwater collection from roof runoff have gained new relevance as part of "green" building codes and practices. Above or below-ground tanks can effectively capture and store the runoff from small to moderate storms and be used later to irrigate lawns, wash cars or other non-potable uses.

We supply the following products and equipment:
Control panels to operate water pumps
Level control instrumentation
Cistern tanks
Flow monitors and automated valves
Consulting, design and planning services

We can be reached at:

Purucker Engineering LLC
9502 Gulfstream Road
Frankfort, IL 60423
Ph: 815-546-0230
Fax: 815-469-8333
E-Mail: CustomerService@PuruckerEngineering.Com
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