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AquaBlox Water Matrix Tank Module

Posted in Products by Administrator on November 14, 2008.

AquaBlox Installation ImageAquaBlox Water Matrix Tank Modules are prefabricated rainwater harvesting blocks that ship in the form of collapsed panels, folded liner and filtration carpet, for quick and effortless installation that conforms to the needs of any underground rainwater harvesting system.

Made from 85% recycled polypropylene and 15% propriety selected materials, 95% of the surface area is void, while the paneled structures themselves are unaffected by mold, algae, soil-borne chemicals or bacteria.

Being of modular design, AquaBlox Water Matrix Tank Module is prefabricated into eight panels for each block, allowing for lego-like assembly, by-hand, onsite, for cost effective practical shipping, as well as easy installation.

Modular design also allows for a more organic look to the garden space, since the underground reservoir acts like a flexible tank that can take on any needed shape, with a passive filtration system that actually supports a variety of water garden designs that bring peace and value to your rainwater harvesting system.

The water matrixs service temperature is -21.2°F to 131°F (-6°C to 55°C), has an unconfined crush load of 34 psi (24 t/m2), with maximum displacement set at 0.433 (11 mm) tested between 46.4-57.2°F and 8-14°C; while it takes an unconfined side load of 3.58 psi (2.5 t/m2), with the maximum displacement set at 0.394 (10 mm), tested between 62.6°F (± 37.4) and 17°C (± 3).

The AquaBlox Large Water Matrix size comes under product number 29492, each matrix block measuring 26.5 long, 16 wide, 17.5 height, has a volume of 32 gallons, weighing 15.4 lbs, bearing 38 psi of load once installed and is assembled from eight modular pieces; four pieces measuring 26.5 x 16 and four pieces measuring 14.5 x 16.

An average 1500 gallon AquaBlox Water Matrix system, contains 48 AquaBlox, about 4 x 6 each, usually configured to 2 layers, with a 8 x 9 x 5 basin.

Lightweight, quick to install, with easy transportation, strong structural design, using underground space to a 95% capacity through modular water matrix cells, AquaBlox are ecologically friendly and improve the quality of urban living through tranquil garden or patio spaces that help us build a greener way of life for future generations to come.

AquaBlox Installation Manual - Get an idea of what it will take to install these units before you buy, we will be installing some locally (in MA if you are interested?) this coming spring, will update!

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