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Rainwater Harvesting Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Collection
Rainwater Collection
Rainwater Collection


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Rainwater fall from the sky for free, by simply filtering then storing it you can water your garden or even pipe straight into your home and use the water to flush the toilet or do the laundry.


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Welcome to Rainwater Harvesting.biz

Here you will find all you need to know about rainwater harvesting, which includes an informative guide about rainwater harvesting, the benefits, different systems set ups , how rain water harvesting is used and how it can save you money.
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Rainwater Harvesting - Options On How And Where It Also Can Be Used

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It is as equally as important to save rainwater for commercial and Industrial use and is also a huge money saver for Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Universities, offices, sport centres,food processing plants, supermarkets, laundrys and other leisure facilities.
Each of these use large amounts of water and with Ecosure rainwater harvesting systems this would be a huge cost saved by rainwater that falls freely from the sky. One of the best things about Ecosure rainwater harvesting tanks is that they can connect together to give you larger volumes of water, then just like a normal house hold system, the water can be recyled back into the header tank of the building, then reused when someone flushes the toilet or turns the tap on.

How Much Water Do We Use? How can Rainwater Collection save us money?

Here below is some examples of the amount of water we use everyday. So how much can we actually save with Rainwater Harvesting?

Taking a Bath
80 Litres
Five Minute Shower (not power shower)
35 Litres
Brushing Teeth with the Tap On
6 Litres
Brushing Teeth with the Tap Off
1 Litres
Flushing The Toilet
6 Litres
Washing Machine
60 Litres
40 Litres
Car Washing Using a Bucket
10 Litres
Hosepipe/ Sprinkler
540 Litres


Ecosure Tanks-

Ecosure Water Tanks are all made and manufactured here in the UK and most of our tanks are made from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) which is a strong and durable type of plastic. Our tanks also range in a variety of colours.

Rainwater Harvesting - How Does it Work? Rainwater Harvesting starts off when it it rains, the water hits the gutter of your house or building and then trickles down the down pipe of the building and then goes into our Ecosure Pre filter. The water then goes from the pre filter into the water tank where it gets stored.

Why Rainwater Harvesting ?

There have been so many different reasons to turn to rainwater harvesting. One example is the changes in the climate and having no rain which means no water, which results to hose pipe bands. Then theres water bills which rise, putting more pressure on everyday life. So it is really frustrating when you see all that rainwater which is free of charge going to waste. Rainwater can be used for so many domestic and commrcial uses. For instance you can have a system in place that you can collect your rainwater and use it for all your domestic house hold products such as : dishwasher, washing machine, toilet and shower. You can also have a system in place that will feed your garden like shown in the picture above.

What you will need?

To have a rainwater harvesting system in place you will need a water tank or a water butt. Depending on what and how you want to store your water and what you want to use it for.
To store water for garden use,simply just purchase a water butt which come in so many different shapes and sizes depending on personal taste. If you are looking at saving a large amount of water and you want to use it for your home and garden you can purchase a water tank that ranges from 2800 litres to a 10000 litre water tank, which you also have the option of having it above and below ground. Either way we also supply a filter system that has a uv cleaner that the rain water goes through before entering the tank. Making the water cleaner to use in the home. The water is clean and the UV kills 99.9% of germs, with a UV system this can also be used as drinking water.

Tank and Accessories

- Water Tank
- Filter Box
- Pump
- Filter
- Inline Downline Filter
- Pressure switch box

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

There are so many Benefits of using rainwater, firstly rainwater is a huge money saver because it falls free from the sky and you can save as much as you like, using it how you want. Rainwater is an environmentally friendly natural resource which is easy to maintain
- A huge Money Saver
- Rainwater is free of charge
- Harvesting a Natural Resource
- There will be a continuous rise in prices of supplied water and by having a rain water harvesting tank you will not be effected.
- Rainwater Harvesting is Self Sufficient and factors like a Hose Pipe Band will not
  affect you.
- Perfect and ideal for Schools, Businessís, Industrial and Commercial uses.
- Helps to reduce flash flooding
- Easy to install

Rainwater Harvesting Tank

  1. Made from MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) a heavy duty and durable tank that holds water.

- Designed for simple and effortless installation process
- Easy connections for up to 110mm standard drainage
- Bolt down easy access chamber
- Comes with Lifting Lugs and lugs for strapping to make lifting easy.

Grey Water and Grey Water Recycling

Grey Water is the water from the bath, shower or basin any water that is used in the home except water that is used for the toilet. Grey water can be used to recycle with treament which then can be used for flushing the toilet and used for laundry.

The Benefits of Grey Water

Recycling Grey water offers more benefits than we realise. Here are a few examples-Grey water can be reused similar to rain water but because of the chemicals in grey water such as soaps, oils, bleaches etc the treatment can be more complex. Grey water can come straight from the bath/ shower to the garden. But the detergents in the water can be harmful to plants and soil. Therefore its best if put through several filter systems which include a grease trap and sand filter. .

* Reducing the Use of fresh water

Greywater can replace fresh water in many instances, saving money and increasing the effective water supply in regions where irrigation is needed. Residential water use is almost evenly split between indoor and outdoor. All except toilet water could be recycled outdoors, achieving the same result with significantly less water diverted from nature.

* Less strain on septic tank or treatment plant

Greywater use greatly extends the useful life and capacity of septic systems. For municipal treatment systems, decreased wastewater flow means higher treatment effectiveness and lower costs.

* Highly effective purification

Greywater is purified to a spectacularly high degree in the upper, most biologically active region of the soil. This protects the quality of natural surface and ground waters.

* Site unsuitable for a septic tank

For sites with slow soil percolation or other problems, a greywater system can be a partial or complete substitute for a very costly, over-engineered system.

* Less energy and chemical use

Less energy and chemicals are used due to the reduced amount of both freshwater and wastewater that needs pumping and treatment. For those providing their own water or electricity, the advantage of a reduced burden on the infrastructure is felt directly. Also, treating your wastewater in the soil under your own fruit trees definitely encourages you to dump fewer toxic chemicals down the drain.

* Groundwater recharge

Greywater application in excess of plant needs recharges groundwater.

* Plant growth

Greywater enables a landscape to flourish where water may not otherwise be available to support much plant growth.

* Reclamation of otherwise wasted nutrients

Loss of nutrients through wastewater disposal in rivers or oceans is a subtle, but highly significant form of erosion. Reclaiming nutrients in greywater helps to maintain the fertility of the land.

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