The practice of rainwater harvesting has existed for hundreds of years. Capturing rainwater from rooftops is widespread in Australia, Germany and the Caribbean islands. In addition, rainwater harvesting is an integral component in constructing “green buildings” – those buildings that minimize the use of natural resources during their construction and operation. Not only can harvested rainwater be used for irrigation, it can also be used for plumbing water or can be treated for use as drinking water.

From 100-gallon residential rainwater collection vessels to 50,000-gallon underground storage tanks, Rainwater Harvesting Specialists, LLC offers the finest in system components.

Our primary residential product, the RainPro™, is a budget-priced fully-functional vessel designed with the strength and stability to last for years. Manufactured in the USA of recycled plastic, the RainPro™ is offered complete with two spigots, an overflow hose and hardware for securing the cover. In addition, wire screens molded into the lid surface prevent debris from entering the tank and prohibit mosquito breeding. For those who prefer a more aesthetic look, we offer the RainPro Plus™ and RainPro Elite™ models.

Custom-designed commercial tank systems are available as well. Rainwater Harvesting Specialists, LLC offers full engineering services to ensure that all systems maximize efficiency.

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