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Rainwater Collection and Re-Use
The Island of Phuket is located just 8í north of the equator, and therefore experiences annual tropical monsoons. Very few developers or villa owners use this precious gift from above. Instead water run off from roofs finds its way to the lowest point, where inevitably it results in flash floods, damaged gardens and landscaping and at worst traffic disruption. Eventually the floods reside and this precious water has been lost into the sea or into the ground.

What is happening to the rainwater coming off your roof?
At worse, it could be damaging your homes very foundations,

at best itís splashing your paintwork, but in any of these cases itís wasting this precious much needed resource - WATER!

Each and every year we are told of a water shortage
This will become increasingly worse as the building boom continues and Phuketís reputation as a holiday destination becomes more popular, bringing even larger crowds to Phuket and placing further strain on clean water supplies.

Rainwater Solutions Phuket Co. Ltd.
would like to see each home owner collecting, filtering and using this precious resource for most of their households watering needs. The main water needs arise from swimming pools, garden irrigation, and flushing toilets.
Rainwater Harvesting options
Rainwater Solutions have a number of Rainwater Harvesting options to filter and collect the precious resource

3P Filter Collector
Filters and collects rainwater for the best tank water quality. (Removes leaves and so reduces risk of disease carry over etc, no dark sludges, less algae, less blocking)

The filter collector leads cleaned water to the storgate tank, with high efficiency under normal rainfall, (85 to 95%). Dirt passes to waste.

3P Volume Filter VF1
Rainwater filter for roof areas up to 300 m2 in AU, for UK up to 500 m2.
The VF1 filter is suitable for installation either within a tank, or before the tank in the ground, with optional use of the telescopic extension tube.
The filter insert is easily removed for cleaning.
The filter is made of high quality plastic and stainless steel mesh, ensuring durable long life performance, no need for costly replacement.
A low maintenance filter, due to its unique two stage cleaning principle.
Cleaned water is ideal for use in the garden, WC flushing and washing machines.

3P Rainus
Filter for installation in down pipe
For roof areas up to 70m2 in AU and for UK up to 100m2
Ideal for retro fitting to existing system or rainwater collecting tanks.
Easy to maintain and easy to clean
Cleaned water is ideal for use in the garden, WC flushing and washing machines.

The Greywater Diverta
Designed to capture grey water for immediate reuse from showers, bathroom taps, laundry taps and washing machines. This replaces the need for fresh water in the garden and reduces the demands that are placed on the fresh water supply.
Others Filter
A. Filter for large roof areas and commercial developments
B. Leaf Separator filter

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